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Thursday, February 8, 2018


The past couple of weeks have been a little bananas between sick kiddos, sick parents, Matt re-locating a pharmacy, and me going thru a big accreditation visit at work. This post (appropriately coming a few weeks late) pretty much sums it all up.

"I wish I were a little kid so I could take a long nap 
and everyone would just be proud of me."

Brooks | Sleep has been a constant adventure with you. Just when it seems that you've got it all figured out, you start cutting a mouthful of teeth, get sick or just decide to pull the rug out from under us. For now we seem to be in a pretty good place.....but I'm sure I just jinxed the crap out of us by acknowledging it. Its ok though, I'll take whatever snuggles I can get while you're still willing to give them. And on a side note - look at all of those DROOL spots! 

Max | You've pretty much given up naps, but every once in a while your little 4-year-old body still needs a little restful recharge. Unfortunately, those afternoon slumbers catch up to you come bedtime. Most nights you keep yourself entertained with books and your "stuffies" in your room....but some nights you sneak out into the hall to listen to the sound of the TV playing in the living room below.  You think you're pretty sneaky! 

Harry | When you accidentally leave Charley Bear at Grandma's house, you need a whole army of other "stuffies" to take your mind off of her. I had a hard time finding you when I came in for one last goodnight kiss.  Whatever it takes, my love. Whatever it takes.

Sleep tight, sweet boys! You never know what adventures tomorrow will bring!

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