Thursday, January 19, 2017

Brooks Edmund {4 months}

Oh Brooksy Babe. You're officially 4 months old. Four months. Sigh. You're getting so big and showing us so much of your little personality (which I LOVE), but I would totally be ok with you slowing things down a bit. A new little babe started in your classroom at school this week, and it made me realize how much you have changed in such a short amount of time.  Oh my poor mama's heart.

Here's a little snapshot of you, sweet Brooks, at 4 months old...

Your brothers have been big into capes and masks these days. Max has been Batman, H is Robin, and you are "Hulk Smash." I wish I had captured the giggles that came from their mouths when they saw you in your costume. You fit in quite nicely with this crazy crew!
You are just the sweetest little boy - quick with a smile for most anyone who gives you attention. You used to save the best grins for your mama, but have definitely developed a soft spot for that daddy of yours. 
Baths, while few and far between in this crazy home of ours, are your favorite. 
Month #4 was full of baby dates! First up was a morning meet-up with Miss Elin. You weren't quite sure about the whole deal at first, but by the end you were quite mesmerized by her! I'm so excited to watch the two of you grow! 
The very next day we welcomed your "Big City" girlfriend out to the farm. Neva made the trip all the way from NYC just to see you (errrr...and to celebrate Christmas with family...but thats beside the point!). She's 2 weeks older than you and an excellent option for when you're both 35 and allowed to date.  
I can't even tell you how happy this picture makes me. Like smiling ear to ear, eyes full of tears happy. Oh how I love these 2 ladies.
Before you were born, daddy and I were a bit concerned about how your big brother Maxo was going to handle a new baby in the house. Well...this picture says it all. Max absolutely ADORES you, giving you no less than 100 kisses each day. This month you have started to reciprocate his affection, giving some of your best grins when he's within view.  Its been so fun to watch this relationship in its earliest stages!
Its been a fun season (well, second half of the season) for Packer football! You got some new onesies for Christmas, just in time for post-season games. The Packers won the Super Bowl when your sister was a we're thinking capping things off with another this year. You know...kind of a Super Bowl sandwich with our first and last born being the bread?? Too much to ask?? ;)
You, sweet boy, are a trooper and get lugged around on all sorts of crazy outings. This is a sneak peek into what our Thursday mornings look like. A mad rush to get out the door in time for 9AM swimming lessons followed by a little one on one time for you and mama!
Odds and Ends: You started out your life with a 2 week battle with a bottle and a feeding tube. Now, 4 months later, good Lord do you eat like a horse. Some days we're lucky if we can go 2.5 hours between feedings. I even had to break out some 6 month clothes last week because you're growing so quickly. The good news is, all of that daytime eating is reaping good things at night! For the last 3 nights (knock on wood) you have been sleeping 10 straight hours (7pm-5am)! Can I get a big ol' AMEN to that!!? You're having your very first sleepover at NamNam and PopPop's weekend, so I hope you treat them to the same solid night. You love being upright - standing on our laps, sitting in a Bumbo, dangling in your jumper - you name it! We haven't started any baby food for you yet, but it probably isn't a bad idea judging by your appetite!

Oh Brooksy Babe - life with you in it is oh so sweet. I can't wait to see what adventures the next month have in store!