Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Brooks Edmund {6 months}

SIX months. Ugh. It can't be here already, can it!?  Time with this little boy is passing waaaaay faster than I would like and my best efforts to keep him little are proving futile. You'd think that having done this 3 other times I would cope a little better!

Here's a snapshot of what 6 months looks like for our sweet Brooksy-Babe...

Oh my goodness, Brooks, you are THE happiest baby. Mouth always grinning. Eyes always sparkling. You charm everyone who crosses your path! What makes you smile the biggest? Your brothers singing "If you're happy, happy, happy touch your toes," your daddy and his goofy noises and silly faces, and seeing mama at the end of the day. I love watching your sweet little personality develop.
This past month you decided that it was in the best interest of everyone if you gave up naps. You'll sneak a cat nap here and there, but gone are the days of a good 2 hour snooze. Its a good thing you're cute. On the other hand, your lack of day sleep has translated into some pretty awesome night sleep. You usually go down for the night between 6-7PM and wake up around 5:30AM for a quick bottle before heading back to sleep. This mama it THANKFUL to finally get a little more sleep. You definitely kept it interesting there for awhile.

Cashed out within 10 minutes of being home from daycare...
We (finally) started feeding you some baby food this month. You're a big fan, but still prefer a good ol' bottle over most anything. You get SO excited when you see one and instantly reach out for it, smacking your lips. Remember that little premie baby who wouldn't eat for his first two weeks of life? 
Yeah, me either.
You made it thru a solid 3 months at daycare before picking up your first round of "sickies." Three trips to the doctor, 2 antibiotics and a course of steroids later, we finally cleared up a nasty sinus infection that plagued you for about 3.5 weeks. Poor Bubba! 
At the beginning of your 6th month I broke out my mom voice and said to you "Brooks Edmund, your sister had 2 open heart surgeries by the time she was 2 weeks old...and even she was rolling from her back to her belly by this time." No, its not fair for me to compare accomplishments between siblings, but you were being flat out lazy. 
Apparently mom voice = action.
A few odds and ends: You love being upright so that you can keep close tabs on everything going on around you, but you're not quite "sturdy" enough to sit on your own. You don't talk a ton, but when you do, everyone in the neighborhood can hear you! You love Miss Beth at school and get super sad when she's out of your sight. I think that maybe you should re-pay her for all of her love with a nap or two. You wear mostly 6 month clothes and at your many doctors appointments this month you were anywhere from 14-15 pounds. Two Four final words: Red Hair. Red Brows. 
Happy 1/2 birthday little man! It has been quite the adventure so far, and we look froward to all of the fun that the next half has in store!

Brooks Edmund Ritchie {6 months}