Sunday, October 28, 2012

Weekend Fun

The Ritchie family is thoroughly enjoying Fall this year and this weekend has been no exception!  

Our Saturday was full of Husker cheering...
 Road tripping...
 Cousins playing...
 Baby snuggling...
 Pumpkin carving...
 Ooooo-ing and Ahhh-ing...
 Always remembering...

Friday, October 26, 2012

4 Months? Holy Cow!

Harrison Paul,

If I had to choose one word to describe you over the course of the last month it would be...without a doubt...BUSY!  

Busy telling us stories-  You are quite the talker these days.  I swear that when I picked you up after work one night this week that your voice sounded hoarse...NamNam must have gotten an earful from you that day!

Busy kicking those crazy legs of yours and even learning how to JUMP!-  When your sister Charlotte turned 4 months old we bought her a Jump-a-Roo.  Her feet dangled inches from the ground on the lowest setting and she stared at us like she was thinking  "what the heck is this all about!?"  Well, shortly after you hit the 3 month mark we decided to give that same Jump-a-Roo a shot.  Dangling feet?  Check!  Confused look?  Check!  The first time around you were not a fan, but you have learned to love all of the flashing lights and music.  One of these days you'll figure out the whole "jumping" thing! 

Busy learning all of the cool things your hands can do-  This month you really started to hone in on your little hands.  I love to sit and watch you study them and can see the wheels turning in your head as you figure out all of the things that hands are good for (holding a rattle, grabbing mama's fingers while you eat, helping hold your own bottle.)  

Busy melting your mama and daddy's hearts with your developing personality-  There have been an abundance of smiles in our house this month as well as a few giggles here and there.  You are so much fun Mr. Man!

Busy making 6:15 AM commute to Omaha with mama to play with your grandmas-  Lucky for me (knock on wood) you are a pretty good travel partner.  Sure, I always get stuck driving while you snooze away in the back seat, but I'll take it!  You've always taken your best naps in your car seat, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

Busy waking your mom and dad up at night-  I totally jinxed us in your 3 month update by calling you a super sleeper.  Three days later you reminded who is running the show around here and have been getting up around 2 am every morning since.  I've tried waiting it out in hopes that you will fall back asleep, but thats never the case!  

Busy drooling, slobbering and spitting up- Nickname of the month?  Mr. Spits.

Busy growing-  We don't have your "official" 4 month weight yet, but its pretty obvious by your double chin, chubby thighs and rapidly shrinking clothes that you are growing!  You graduated to a size 2 diaper and are filling out lots of your 6 month clothes.  

Yes, at 4 months old you are already a busy, busy little boy.  Your daddy and I are loving every minute of it and feel so blessed to get to watch you grow.  I look forward to each day and watching you soak in the details of the world around you.  Happy 4 month birthday, Harrison Paul. 

Love and kisses...your Mama

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Lovin' on Grandmas

Life has taken a turn in the "crazy" direction again and I can already tell that its going to take me a little time to adjust.  After spending a wonderful SIXTEEN weeks at home with my little Harry, this mama officially went back to work last week.  Its pretty part-time at this point, but does require me to be up and at 'em by 5AM so that I can drive to Omaha and get the little one to "daycare" before heading to work.  It isn't terrible, but definitely a change for the girl who was sometimes still in her jammies at noon!  While I already miss my time at home, it's nice to get back into the work routine and to start getting a paycheck again!  

Starting in November Harry will be going to a daycare in my mom's neighborhood (and super close to the site of our future home), but until then he has been spending some quality time during the week with a couple of his grandmas!  It has definitely made going back to work a little easier knowing that he's with them.

On my first day back, H spent the afternoon with Grandma Debbie.  She sent me this picture to help me through.  It made my day to see that smiley little goof ball!  He looks pretty miserable without me, huh!? 

The next few days were spent with NamNam and LOTS of other visitors.  Harry is a pretty popular guy and seems to attract the masses!

GG Laura and Gene
Snuggles with GG Laura
Kris and Mike - Kris was one of Charlotte's first babysitters!
H and his buddy Molly
Melt my heart!  H with Uncle Abe
Look at those big eyes!
 Proof that he does indeed nap at NamNam and PopPop's house.  Twenty minutes later I got a message that he was already up.  Stinker.
 He even took a trip to Hobby Lobby (which he was apparently THRILLED about!)
 There's that smile again.  Love.

Harrison is SO happy that he is getting to spend time with (and be spoiled by) his grandmas.  He's even gotten to stay with his Grammy Vicki a few times on the weekends while Mom and Dad have some grown-up time!  Thanks to all three of you for helping us out and for loving on our little guy.  Grandmas are the best!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Monday, October 15, 2012

Go Harry Go

I think that Harrison is secretly taking dance lessons behind our backs!  It's either that or he is training for a 5K of sorts.  Within the past few weeks he has discovered his crazy legs and keeps them moving NON-STOP.  I better hit the gym because I have a feeling that once he becomes mobile I'll be chasing him all over the place.  Here are some videos of him showing off his moves!

Working up a sweat before bath time

Tiny dancer ready to go first thing in the morning

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Something to Snuggle With

Hello. My name is Kristen Ritchie. I am 30 years old...and I still sleep with my baby blanket. 

I have had my green blanket since I was a brand new, itty bitty baby. It has long been my security...familiar and reliable.  Over the course of the last 30 years my blanket has been put thru the ringer.  It has gone above and beyond standard blanket duties--soaking up tears, catching drool and wiping my sniffly nose as I've cried myself to sleep. It has been crammed into suitcases, subjected to "dorm life" and spit-up on by my babies. It has been washed a million times. What was once a soft and vibrant green fabric is now worn and faded--officially showing its age.  The batting inside is torn and the fabric is becoming transparent. I'm sad it's falling apart, yet shocked that it has hung on this long. 

My blanket is kind of a big deal. 

Charlotte (2 months) lounging on my blanket.  If I didn't see the scar down her chest I would swear that this was her little brother.  Wow.
Stella likes it too!

My baby girl has a blanket too. It's green just like her mama's.  While she never had the words to tell us how she felt, I'm pretty confident that she loved it.  Her green blanket saw her through lots of scary times...the nicu, heart caths, was safe and familiar. There was one particular corner that she was especially fond of.  I'm not quite sure how she differentiated between them, but she always managed to find the right one. She would put the silky material in her mouth, soaking it with her slobber.  Sigh.  

I was so excited that Charlotte would have a green blanket just like mine!
 Charlotte with her blanket at less than 1 week old
Charlotte's baptism
Snuggled up with Dad
Cozied up for a World Series playoff game
Thanksgiving at Grammy's house
 Tired morning before surgery
 Something soft and familiar during the scariest moments
Snug as a bug
Mmmmmm yum

Lucky Mr. Harrison got a very similar blanket at his baby shower.  It is bright red, just like his cousin Owen's (who happened to help pick this one out!)  He's still pretty little to really grasp the whole "I love my blanket" thing, but I think that we are well on our way to establishing a favorite.  I mean really, look at his little grin below...

Dreamy sleep favorite!
Just chillin'
So warm and snuggly
You know it's a good nap when the tongue comes out.
One of my favorites...Happy yet heartbreaking.  
Harrison in the hospital with two very special blankets.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

April Showers...In October

Back in April my sister Jill held a baby shower for me and the then nameless "Mr. Mister."  Since we already had most of the baby essentials from Charlotte, Jill decided to have everyone tap into their creative side and MAKE gifts for our little man.  It was a very "Pinterest" inspired party!  

 Some gifts were more practical than others!
 RedButt's brother..."BlueButt!"
 Ok, so my sister Angie didn't make these shoes
...but how could you say no to a tiny pair of Vans?
 RedButt with some of his fans.
 Owen helping me unwrap some bib cupcakes.
 Heart art for Mr. Mister's nursery.  The white hearts are printed with lullaby lyrics!
 Again, not a homemade gift...but it won the prize for biggest tear jerker.  My cousin's hubby shared a book with us that he had had since he was a little boy...a book about a "Charley Bear."  How very, very perfect.  
 Sorry Vick!  I had to share!
BlueButt wearing a "I love being a little brother" onesie.
After gifts and a yummy Qdoba burrito bar, Jill put us to work.  Continuing with the "Pinterest" theme, everyone was asked to bring a onesie to decorate for Mr. Mister.  We definitely learned who the creative/crafty ones in the group were.
 When it was all said and done we had quite the collection of onesies!
  A very late "THANK YOU" to everyone who braved the stormy weather that day!
Now, you may be curious as to WHY I decided to do a baby shower post almost 6 months after the actual event took place.  Well....I needed a little bit of time to collect pictures of Harrison in his hand crafted wardrobe!
I cannot look at this picture without laughing.  Seriously.  I can't decide if its more old man or nerd. HILARIOUS.  I'm sure he'll appreciate this when he's older!
Every time Harrison moves up a size in clothes I get excited about what crazy things we'll find in his closet.  I highly recommend a Pinterest party.  So much fun!