Friday, October 26, 2012

4 Months? Holy Cow!

Harrison Paul,

If I had to choose one word to describe you over the course of the last month it would be...without a doubt...BUSY!  

Busy telling us stories-  You are quite the talker these days.  I swear that when I picked you up after work one night this week that your voice sounded hoarse...NamNam must have gotten an earful from you that day!

Busy kicking those crazy legs of yours and even learning how to JUMP!-  When your sister Charlotte turned 4 months old we bought her a Jump-a-Roo.  Her feet dangled inches from the ground on the lowest setting and she stared at us like she was thinking  "what the heck is this all about!?"  Well, shortly after you hit the 3 month mark we decided to give that same Jump-a-Roo a shot.  Dangling feet?  Check!  Confused look?  Check!  The first time around you were not a fan, but you have learned to love all of the flashing lights and music.  One of these days you'll figure out the whole "jumping" thing! 

Busy learning all of the cool things your hands can do-  This month you really started to hone in on your little hands.  I love to sit and watch you study them and can see the wheels turning in your head as you figure out all of the things that hands are good for (holding a rattle, grabbing mama's fingers while you eat, helping hold your own bottle.)  

Busy melting your mama and daddy's hearts with your developing personality-  There have been an abundance of smiles in our house this month as well as a few giggles here and there.  You are so much fun Mr. Man!

Busy making 6:15 AM commute to Omaha with mama to play with your grandmas-  Lucky for me (knock on wood) you are a pretty good travel partner.  Sure, I always get stuck driving while you snooze away in the back seat, but I'll take it!  You've always taken your best naps in your car seat, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

Busy waking your mom and dad up at night-  I totally jinxed us in your 3 month update by calling you a super sleeper.  Three days later you reminded who is running the show around here and have been getting up around 2 am every morning since.  I've tried waiting it out in hopes that you will fall back asleep, but thats never the case!  

Busy drooling, slobbering and spitting up- Nickname of the month?  Mr. Spits.

Busy growing-  We don't have your "official" 4 month weight yet, but its pretty obvious by your double chin, chubby thighs and rapidly shrinking clothes that you are growing!  You graduated to a size 2 diaper and are filling out lots of your 6 month clothes.  

Yes, at 4 months old you are already a busy, busy little boy.  Your daddy and I are loving every minute of it and feel so blessed to get to watch you grow.  I look forward to each day and watching you soak in the details of the world around you.  Happy 4 month birthday, Harrison Paul. 

Love and kisses...your Mama

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