Wednesday, October 3, 2012

April Showers...In October

Back in April my sister Jill held a baby shower for me and the then nameless "Mr. Mister."  Since we already had most of the baby essentials from Charlotte, Jill decided to have everyone tap into their creative side and MAKE gifts for our little man.  It was a very "Pinterest" inspired party!  

 Some gifts were more practical than others!
 RedButt's brother..."BlueButt!"
 Ok, so my sister Angie didn't make these shoes
...but how could you say no to a tiny pair of Vans?
 RedButt with some of his fans.
 Owen helping me unwrap some bib cupcakes.
 Heart art for Mr. Mister's nursery.  The white hearts are printed with lullaby lyrics!
 Again, not a homemade gift...but it won the prize for biggest tear jerker.  My cousin's hubby shared a book with us that he had had since he was a little boy...a book about a "Charley Bear."  How very, very perfect.  
 Sorry Vick!  I had to share!
BlueButt wearing a "I love being a little brother" onesie.
After gifts and a yummy Qdoba burrito bar, Jill put us to work.  Continuing with the "Pinterest" theme, everyone was asked to bring a onesie to decorate for Mr. Mister.  We definitely learned who the creative/crafty ones in the group were.
 When it was all said and done we had quite the collection of onesies!
  A very late "THANK YOU" to everyone who braved the stormy weather that day!
Now, you may be curious as to WHY I decided to do a baby shower post almost 6 months after the actual event took place.  Well....I needed a little bit of time to collect pictures of Harrison in his hand crafted wardrobe!
I cannot look at this picture without laughing.  Seriously.  I can't decide if its more old man or nerd. HILARIOUS.  I'm sure he'll appreciate this when he's older!
Every time Harrison moves up a size in clothes I get excited about what crazy things we'll find in his closet.  I highly recommend a Pinterest party.  So much fun!

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