Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Something to Snuggle With

Hello. My name is Kristen Ritchie. I am 30 years old...and I still sleep with my baby blanket. 

I have had my green blanket since I was a brand new, itty bitty baby. It has long been my security...familiar and reliable.  Over the course of the last 30 years my blanket has been put thru the ringer.  It has gone above and beyond standard blanket duties--soaking up tears, catching drool and wiping my sniffly nose as I've cried myself to sleep. It has been crammed into suitcases, subjected to "dorm life" and spit-up on by my babies. It has been washed a million times. What was once a soft and vibrant green fabric is now worn and faded--officially showing its age.  The batting inside is torn and the fabric is becoming transparent. I'm sad it's falling apart, yet shocked that it has hung on this long. 

My blanket is kind of a big deal. 

Charlotte (2 months) lounging on my blanket.  If I didn't see the scar down her chest I would swear that this was her little brother.  Wow.
Stella likes it too!

My baby girl has a blanket too. It's green just like her mama's.  While she never had the words to tell us how she felt, I'm pretty confident that she loved it.  Her green blanket saw her through lots of scary times...the nicu, heart caths, was safe and familiar. There was one particular corner that she was especially fond of.  I'm not quite sure how she differentiated between them, but she always managed to find the right one. She would put the silky material in her mouth, soaking it with her slobber.  Sigh.  

I was so excited that Charlotte would have a green blanket just like mine!
 Charlotte with her blanket at less than 1 week old
Charlotte's baptism
Snuggled up with Dad
Cozied up for a World Series playoff game
Thanksgiving at Grammy's house
 Tired morning before surgery
 Something soft and familiar during the scariest moments
Snug as a bug
Mmmmmm yum

Lucky Mr. Harrison got a very similar blanket at his baby shower.  It is bright red, just like his cousin Owen's (who happened to help pick this one out!)  He's still pretty little to really grasp the whole "I love my blanket" thing, but I think that we are well on our way to establishing a favorite.  I mean really, look at his little grin below...

Dreamy sleep favorite!
Just chillin'
So warm and snuggly
You know it's a good nap when the tongue comes out.
One of my favorites...Happy yet heartbreaking.  
Harrison in the hospital with two very special blankets.

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