Thursday, February 23, 2017

Brooks Edmund {4 Month Photos}

Because Charlotte was in the hospital for the first month of her life and had a wound vac (a device used to help heal a section of her incision) for another few weeks after that, we didn't end up having her official "newborn" photos taken until she was close to 3 months old. For consistency sake (because I'm a weirdo like that) we've stuck with the same timeline for each of our boys. Well...until Brooks that is.  He didn't end up getting his taken until closer to 4 months because thats what happens when you have 3 kiddos ages 4 and under. 

In early January, Brooks and I loaded up and made a trip back to my hometown for a perfectly simple photo session with the talented Leah of Leah Marie Photography. No fancy props. No outfit changes. Just our sweet little boy, his sparkling eyes, and his unruly red hair. Brooks was too mesmerized by the camera to share many of his signature smiles, but he did give us some of the most perfect little expressions.

And did I mention his eyes? Holy moly...those eyes.

And no photo shoot would be complete without our traditional baby "headshot." We have the same simple photo of all of the kiddos hanging in oversized frames on our wall. I can't wait to round things out with this little grin.

Brooks Edmund
 Maxwell Thane
Harrison Paul
 Charlotte Delene

This mama's heart is so insanely full.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Brooks Edmund {5 months}

Sweet baby Brooks,

Our first 5 months with you have been simply magical. In the blink of an eye you have transformed from a tiny little newborn into a sweet little personality that I can't imagine life without. You are such a HAPPY baby - always quick with a smile that absolutely melts my heart. My sweet, sweet baby boy.

Here's a snapshot of what you're up to at 5 months.

Our house is a bit of a circus these days with 3 boys ages 4 and under, but you don't seem too phased by all the commotion. You are fascinated by your goofball brothers and barely flinch when you're on the receiving end of an on-the-fly puppy kiss. You've been practicing your screeching and definitely do your fair share to add to the noise.
After a bit of tough love, you are finally sleeping 10-11 hour stretches at night. Can I get a big ol' AMEN? I can’t tell you how much your mama appreciates the extra sleep! If you would be a little more consistent with naps at school during the week, we'd be set. 
You can roll 3/4 of the way from your back to your belly…then you just get lazy. You’ve never been a huge fan of tummy time, so I guess we shouldn’t be surprised. I mean, really though, why focus on moving when you have 4 big people to bring you everything you need?
At 5 months old you are officially 14 pounds and wear mostly 6 month clothes. So much for my best efforts to keep you little. You have a voracious appetite and I feel like you still drink bottles non-stop. You LOVE them and cry the minute you finish, regardless of how much you ate. Trust me babe, you ain't starvin'. Solids are next on our list (when mom finds the energy) and I have a feeling you'll be pretty excited about those too.
This month you really fell in love with your daddy. I can’t say that I blame you, he’s pretty lovable. His goofy faces and silly sounds are guaranteed to make you grin from ear to ear.
I know that you will always be your own person...but Brooks...I can't tell you how much you remind us of your big sister. The resemblance absolutely takes my breath away. Your big sparkling eyes. Your perfect little lips. Even the way that your auburn hair grows in 800 different directions. My eyes are filled with tears just thinking about it.

A few odds and ends: You still love a nice soak in the bath and have graduated from your little blue tub to a comfy reclined seat. You like watching Tom & Jerry with your brothers in the morning while they eat breakfast. You survived your first influenza exposure...courtesy of yours truly. Boooo. You're stuck in a really bad hair phase...but don't worry, your brothers were there too. And speaking of hair, yours is definitely still red. Your eyebrows too. Lord knows you'll be a feisty one. You love to rock with your mama, and my oh my do I love to rock with you. 
Happy 5 months (+10 days) baby boy! We can't wait to see what shenanigans month #6 holds.