Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Do You Pinterest?

Pinterest (Actual definition): A virtual pin board that lets you organize and share all of the beautiful things that you find on the web.

Pinterest (My definition):  Internet crack.

I will freely admit that I have a bit of an obsession with this site.  When I first came acrossed it I submitted probably 30 requests for an invite before I finally got frustrated, joined the Pinterest Facebook page and pestered people until they would share the love.  Now, almost a year later the Pinterest rage has totally caught on and I am still just as crazy about it.  I used the site to help me plan Charlotte's "Cute as a Button" birthday party, have taught myself how to sew a few things, made lots of yummy treats, and now am putting together ideas for Baby Ritchie #2's nursery.  What other websites have that much utility!?

Just when I thought that Pinterest couldn't get any better, along came an amazing idea of a fellow heart/angel mama.  She, along with a few other heart mom's from across the county are helping families like ours promote awareness for what else...


If you are already a Pinterest member, go check out the "Faces of CHD - Congenital Heart Awareness Week" board!  It is FILLED with inspirational stories of kiddos and adults who have been affected by congenital heart disease.  If you aren't a member, send me a message with your email and I'll try to help out with invitations (as much as I can anyway!)  The board is filled with smiling kiddos proudly showing off their battle wounds, children that you would never guess had such sick little hearts inside their chests, and also quite a few angels who had their hearts made whole early.  At last update there were almost 200 stories pinned!  YES 200!  I've been sucked into this board and have literally spent hours reading others stories...such amazing kids, adults and families.  I also have a personal "Faces of CHD" board that links up to lots of our personal heart friends as well as other angel families that I hope to learn more about. 

I was all over this idea from the start and got Charlotte's story submitted right away.  If you click on the link below you will have to scroll down toward the bottom to find her.  Just look for girl with a goofy grin and her favorite red Nebraska hoodie (like father like daughter!).

Check out Pinterest HERE or click HERE to go straight to the CHD Awareness board!  And feel free to re-pin our stories to help raise awareness!  I had never heard of CHDs before our 20 week ultrasound with Charlotte and when we learned of her broken heart we felt so scared and alone.  Each and every one of these pins shows that we were anything but alone...

****OOPS!  Almost forgot...If you have a heart story and would like to be included in the Faces of CHD Pinterest board, click HERE for the how-to!***

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