Monday, January 6, 2014

Baby Ritchie #3 {36 weeks}

Hello 2014! 

That feels absolutely crazy to say considering it feels like just yesterday we were making Thanksgiving plans.  Am I right?  How did we get to 2014 so fast?  But here we are, 6 days into January and staring some major life changes head on.  January is going to be a BIG month for the Ritchie clan.

We ushered in the new year on a pretty low key note.  Strangely enough, a woman who is 8 months pregnant and her husband who has to work at 3AM the next morning don't get too wild and crazy on New Year's Eve.  Instead, we enjoyed a relaxed evening (me in my pjs) with family, ate a yummy home-cooked dinner and played games until the clock struck midnight.  Approximately 2 minutes later, we escaped upstairs and were both asleep the instant our heads hit our pillows!  Wild and crazy?  Maybe another day.

A very quiet start to the year, indeed...but exactly what we needed knowing how this month is going to end.  You see, we're taking the "fresh starts" and new beginnings of January to another level by welcoming our second baby boy into our home.  It's pretty much the opposite of the old phrase "In like a lion, out like a lamb!"  I'm 36 weeks today, and before our eyes see the light of February, our little family will be one member larger.  I'm not quite sure how to wrap my brain around it all!

At 36 weeks...

-I learned that Target brand Tums are quite possibly the worst generic Tums ever.  Brand name ones are okay...but the Hy-Vee generic definitely takes the cake!  These are the things you discover when you pop a handful multiple times throughout the day.  Damn you heartburn.

-I own one coat that actually zips over my belly...which is awesome considering that its -10,000 degrees outside today.

-My sweet tooth is still in full effect.  Cookies?  Sure.  Cake?  Why not!?  Brownies?  Crap, now I want a brownie.  Or maybe some Hot Tamales.

-Sleep has hit a rough streak.  A body pillow helps, but I can't sleep on one side all night long, and rolling over poses issues all its own!  Combine that with my constant trips to the bathroom and you get some pretty disruptive sleep.  Naps on the other hand...naps I can totally do. 

-"Raymond" is pretty quiet for the most part...nothing like the 24/7 acrobat that his big brother was.  When he does get excited, though, he takes it to the extreme.   

-Harrison, while totally oblivious to what's going to happen in a few short weeks, does know that a baby lives somewhere in the region of his mama's belly button.  Sometimes he'll put his hands on my belly when I ask where the baby is, other times he just pinches my belly button (which decided to be an outie this go round).  It might be a bit of an adjustment for him, but his unsolicited bump kisses tell me that he's going to be a pretty amazing big brother!

36 weeks - Baby Ritchie #3 {a.k.a. Raymond Casanova}

I got a call today that made me "officially on the books" for my scheduled c-section.  Want to know when the big day will be??  Tough luck.  Some will know ahead of time (don't worry'll know in due time).  The rest of you will have to sit back in suspense and wait for the big announcement.  Having an actual date (pending Raymond's plans) has freaked me out a little bit and I've spent a good chunk of the day wondering how this whole thing is going to work.  What will be come of our perfect little routine?  Will my recovery be as easy as the previous 2 have been?  How the heck to I take care of an 18 month old after major surgery?  I know, I know...we have lots of help available....but my mind is still going a mile a minute.  Prayers for this mama's heart would be much appreciated.

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