Saturday, May 30, 2015

Four Years an Angel

"Only when our eyes have adjusted to the dark can we appreciate the splendor of the moon and the stars. 
Only when we have sat in hopeless loss can we appreciate every blessing." 


Every blessing. Blessings in the good times. Blessings in the soul crushing times. Blessings from our time spent with her and in the shape our lives have taken because of her. The memories and the stories we tell her brothers. The family and friends who continue to carry us when we struggle to navigate this path on our own. 50 pink geraniums. Kites to fly us closer to her.  Evenings spent with some of those who loved her most.  Donuts delivered to our front door. 

Sometimes it takes hopeless loss to truly grasp the magnitude of how blessed we are. It's unfortunate, but it's true. Today I want nothing more than to sulk on my couch in my pjs, but instead I will focus my eyes on life's blessings - holding my head high with the knowledge that someday I will hold her in my arms again. 

I love you baby girl. Forever and always. Beyond words or explanation. 

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