Monday, June 22, 2015

Capturing the Ordinary

Hello world! I come to you tonight from the comfort of my couch, courtesy of our brand new MacBook Pro! We bought our desktop computer about 6 years ago and over the course of the last year it has become more and more frustrating to use. I'm sure that the 13,000+ (EEK!) photos aren't helping the situation...but that "ancient" piece of equipment is undoubtedly starting to die a slow and painful (more for us than it) death. Its made blogging super painful at times. We've had our new laptop for less than 72 hours and I'm already in love. I'm so excited to find my groove here again -  telling stories, sharing pictures, and documenting our most special and most ordinary moments together as a family. 

Tonight's memory is one in the ordinary category - a Monday night at home with my boys. It was a night full of outdoor adventures. We visited the garden and ate sweet peas straight from the vine, created (and jumped in) mud puddles, played baseball/basketball/golf in the front yard, and ran as fast as our little legs could carry us.  

There's a lot of beauty in ordinary things...
My heart is full.


  1. Love the "Say Queso" shirt - adorable!

    1. Thanks! We got it from an online store called Mama Case Prints. They're closed for their summer vacation - but they've got some super cute tees for girlies!