Monday, August 1, 2016

A Big Boy Bed for Maxo

Summer 2016 has been the summer of Maxo the Big Boy. I never want to force him to grow up, but with another little babe on the way there were two items that we knew we needed to check off of our to do list sooner than later.  

First up was potty training. Matt and I both assumed that this was going to be disastrous, but our Maxo proved us wrong and mastered the concept of the "big boy potty" in one short weekend. We've even put away our night time pull-ups!

With potty training behind us, we set our sights on FINALLY getting Max into his new bedroom and big boy bed. He was excited about the move from first mention, but unfortunately had to wait while we played a game of musical rooms. Everyone shifted one room to the right, Harry to "Aggie's room" and then Max to Harry's room, all with the ultimate goal of making room for baby! It felt like a slow process, but after an unexpected kiddo-free day off last week, I'm thrilled to say that Max's new room was ready for the move. Don't get my wrong, it is still very much a work in progress, but there's a bed for sleeping and a nigh-nigh for snuggling - beyond those things not a whole lot matters to our super sleeper.

So far we're 1 nap and 2 nights in and you'd think that he'd been doing this big boy bed thing forever. Seriously - this kid is a total rockstar! Maybe a little bit TOO much of a rockstar. Tonight I tried to snuggle with him and he actually told me "Mama, I need more room. You go to Harry's room now." Sigh. Apparently he's adjusting to this whole big boy thing a little better than his mama is. 

 "Tonight I will dream about Jesus and Charlotte. Is Jesus my brother? Where is he?"

Only the sweetest dreams for you, sweet Maxo. 

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