Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The Great Pumpkin {2016}

When unexpected circumstances cause your sister's annual pumpkin carving party to be cancelled, the party moves to your house (on a much smaller scale!). It was a low-key night with family, complete with beautiful weather, burgers on the grill, little boy giggles, and lots of baby snuggles. Absolute perfection in my book.

Grandma Debbie, aka "The Gut Scooper," is always a VIP at a carving party! Thanks for doing all of the dirty work.
Pumpkin carving power couple - they even came dressed alike for the occasion. 

Who knew that picking the perfect mouth would be so complicated??
When temperatures soar into the 80s at the end of October, the Ritchie boys lose their minds clothes. Love these 4 kiddos and the friendships that they are building. 
 "Hey, mama! I'm mad like my pumpkin!"

Totally normal, right?!
 Brooks had the best seat in the house <3 font="">

Thank you, Kinney family and Grandma Debbie for spending the evening with us! The Ritchie's had so much fun!

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