Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Boston Bound?

Its been a pretty eventful week here in the Ritchie house...

During my HOURS and HOURS of internet searching after we found out about Little Miss Ritchie's heart condition, I came across an article about a procedure that they can actually do in some HRHS babies before they are even born. We asked the cardiologist about this and for some reason, I'm not sure why, he didn't think that we would be candidates. As much as I respect his opinion, I asked that he get in touch with Boston Children's Hospital (the "pioneers" of this surgery) and at least have them take a look at our case. Four weeks later, I had pretty much come to the conclusion that the physicians there had agreed and that we weren't ideal candidates. THEN, last Tuesday I got a phone call from our cardiologist saying that he received a letter from Boston and that they felt surgery might be an option!!!

So we went to the cardiologist today for another echo and afterwards Dr. Sami was going to get in touch with Boston to check their availability. At some point in the next few weeks we'll be flying to Boston for a full evaluation by their specialists. There is no guarantee that once we get there we will be candidates, so we're trying not to get our hopes up too high. However, if we ARE candidates, they will do the procedure while we are there to avoid multiple trips. Plus, they would ideally do this before 29 weeks and I'm already 26.

Basically, they would go through my stomach with a needle, enter the baby's chest and heart, and proceed to balloon open the valve that is not open (and causing the small right ventricle). By doing this, hopes are that blood flow through the valve would increase and stimulate the right side of the heart to grow over the remainder of my pregnancy. The ultimate goal? A 2 sided heart versus the surgeries that would leave her with just 1 side. I'm continually amazed by modern medicine! Her heart is about the size of a walnut and now they are telling us that they can go in and open up a teeny tiny valve???!?!?

SOOOO....check back in the next couple of days. Hopefully we'll have a better idea of when we'll be heading out. Until then, keep us all in your prayers. It looks like they have been heard thus far!


  1. That is so amazing! Medical technology is just awesome. Just to let you know my class is praying for you guys and Little Miss Ritchie. They have her up on our prayer board and when they pray they say "For a miracle for Little Miss Ritchie so her heart heals." We are expecting a miracle. :) Love you, Cheri

  2. Yay! Tears came to my eyes reading this post. I have faith that this is going to be a great thing for you, Matt and Little Miss Ritchie. I love you all very much and know that the Rockows are praying hard!!!!

  3. Hal, Mary and AbramFebruary 23, 2010 at 9:42 PM

    What great news!!! Thanks for keeping us posted on Little Miss Ritchie. She is always in our prayers and with her parents too! Let us know if you need anything! God bless the Ritchie Family! :)