Friday, January 28, 2011

The Many Faces of Charlotte Ritchie

Here are some more pictures from our marathon photo shoot the other night. Some of the faces this child makes are just priceless.

We started out all smiles...

Then threw in some giggles.

Giggles turned into silly faces.

Silly faces turned into playing with her hair. Lucky for us she didn't have food on her hands like she normally does when she plays with her hair.

Then she got bored and busted out the serious face--she's almost glaring!

Boredom = Yawns

Who knows what this was all about but I thought it was funny.

Miss Serious again. She looks like she's thinking "Mom, if you take one more picture I swear I'll come after you."

Then low and behold, the grins were back.

Charlotte is starting to realize that certain expressions will get a reaction from us. She has officially mastered the stink face which is promptly followed by a quick look to us just to make sure we were paying attention. Silly silly girl and full of personality.



  1. These are JUST priceless. And I love the new Valentine "wallpaper'!

    Love you- Erin

  2. So cute!!! I just love #2 & #3. Have a great weekend, too. LOVE YOU ALL! ♥