Thursday, January 27, 2011

Spring Fever, Smiles and Scars

You know that you live in South Dakota when the temperature is barely over 30 degrees and the weather man says "it was a gorgeous day out there today!" UGH. While it was nice to see the sun today and to have some of our snow melt away....the Ritchie's are really antsy for some warmer weather.


On a more serious note, I'm very happy to say that Charley is doing great. She has been a little crabby today, but I think that after many false alarms, she may finally have some teethies coming in. Yes, I've thought this before and been who knows! Eating isn't back to normal but is pretty close and her personality is back to all grins.

If you remember, Charley wasn't feeling so hot on her 8 month birthday. Tonight we finally broke out the chair and got a few (by a few I mean 108) pictures. Some of them were pretty funny and you could tell she was sick of me by the end. Here is one for now, but I'll sort through them and share more later!

As if we hadn't taken enough pictures...I snapped a few more to show just how great her incision looks after surgery less than a month ago.

My chubby cheeked, crazy haired, big eyed girl.
I mean, really....those eyes are ridiculous.
Hmmmm....let me think about it.
Photo 108 of 108: Dad, get this crazy lady with the camera away from me!

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