Monday, April 18, 2011

Maybe I'm Not So Nuts

As a follow-up to my last post....

So I'm now convinced that God has made me paranoid for a reason. Sometimes paranoia can pan out and get people to check things that they might not have otherwise.

I got a call from the cardiologists office letting us know that Charlotte's hemoglobin came back at 18.7 Remember, 19 and above was what we DIDN'T want to hear. While its not 19, its close enough.

We are going to cut back on her diuretic to see if maybe we were pulling off too much fluid. She doesn't seem dehydrated, but pulling off too much fluid can concentrate her blood. I won't complain--one less med that we have to give through the day! Hopefully this will be part of the answer.

We will see Dr. Sami as scheduled in mid-May, right before her birthday if I remember correctly. At that visit he will do a repeat echo and have us repeat her labs. This time around they did a finger stick for the sample, which apparently can yield higher hemoglobin levels. Next time they will do a draw from the vein, which is sure to elicit tears from all parties. Sigh.

I know that I've asked for prayers on so many occasions from all of you, but please pray pray pray that her hemoglobin comes back down and that her sats continue to improve. While I love our team of physicians and nurses in Omaha, I'm not ready to see them inside the hospital walls again. Not ready. Not ready at all.

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  1. Oh Kristen it never ends does it!? I'm sending you many positive thoughts, lets hope she catches a break on this one xo