Sunday, January 27, 2013

Lucky Number Seven

Here's a little something to give you an idea of what this past month has been like in the Ritchie house....

Yesterday Harrison celebrated his 7 month birthday.
Tomorrow we are finally getting him in for his 6 month well-visit!

Time is absolutely FLYING by these's really quite bittersweet.  I'm SO anxious for summer so that we can finally settle down in our new house and unpack the boxes that have been in storage since August 2011, but I feel that by willing June to get here faster, I'm in a way wishing away the months until Harrison turns one.  How can I tell time to "hurry up" and "slow down" all at the same time????

My sweet baby boy,

Your seventh month, much like each of those before, was nothing short of amazing.  Each day was filled with new milestones, sounds, movements and LOTS of smiles.  Here's a little more of what you have been up to...

You have perfected the "scariest" sounding monster voice.  

You experienced your first sick visit to the pediatrician after you woke up one morning with a very croupy sounding cough.  Luckily we got you into the doctor right away, loaded you up with some steroids and seemed to catch things early.  In true Harrison fashion, you remained happy through the whole ordeal!

You've developed an aversion to sweet potatoes.  Normally you are our little piggy who will eat most anything...but break out those darn sweet potatoes you immediately purse your lips together.  Silly boy!

Much to our dismay (and paranoia), you have officially transitioned into a belly sleeper.  For a while I would sneak in and roll you over to your back, but within about 30 seconds you would manage to find your way back the other direction.  

You are quite the conversationalist.  You've been experimenting with different sounds for quite a while now, but within the past few weeks you have started combining them more.  Mom and Dad LOVE hearing all of your crazy stories!

You love to suck on your bottom lip.  

You definitely LOVE your daddy.  When he's around you flash your biggest smiles and give your best giggles.  

You've taken special interest in your puppies this month.  They just ignore you for the most part, but it will be interesting to see how much they like you once you're mobile.

I used to think that you were going to grow up to be an Olympic swimmer, but lately I've been leaning more toward a long jumper or high jumper.  Boy oh boy do you love to JUMP!  You jump in your Jump-a-Roo, on our laps, against the side of the chair when we feed you...basically wherever you can find a firm place to plant your feet.

Sitting upright is still a work in progress.  You will "sit like a big boy" for bits at a time, but with so many exciting things going on around you, you get distracted.  You did really well during our monthly photo shoot, so I know it's just a matter of time.

You are constantly on the move...rolling from here to there, kicking your legs, flailing your name it!  One of these days you'll put it all together and really take off!  

We spent lots of time in the "Harrison" chair this month working on our sitting.  Translation...I took a lot of pictures!

The "official" 7 month birthday pictures (pants optional)
ALWAYS chewing on his fingers
Happy boy after a nap.  Please disregard the food on his shirt and the bright blue socks! 

So there you have it, baby boy.  Month #7 in the books.  Each day is an adventure, a blessing beyond comprehension.  We love you so very, very much!

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