Monday, August 12, 2013

Baby Steps

Last Thursday night I walked into the kitchen to find Harrison standing up against the window watching the puppies run around outside.  All of a sudden he started putting his forehead against the glass and sliding it down to the window frame.  It was ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS.  His chubby cheeks were bouncing around, his forehead was making a squeaking noise as it slid...and then he discovered that if he said "Ahhhhhhhh" while he did it, it sounded like a funny vibrating "Ah-h-h-h".

Of course I ran for my phone so that I could catch it on video.

Of course as soon as I got my camera pulled up he quit.

I was all ready to be sad.....

Then THIS happened!


Harrison has been teasing us with this whole walking thing for awhile now.  He'll take a step or 2 when there is a sturdy support nearby, but really prefers crawling.  Well well well....look who decided that walking is pretty cool!  I love about 15 seconds in when he's mid-squat and then stands back up again, flashing his "I'm pretty awesome" grin.  Awesome you are, Harrison.  Awesome you are!

While crawling is still his primary mode of transportation at this point, we're seeing his confidence grow and grow when he's on his feet.  Before we know it he'll be running laps around us!  We've never had little walker in our home, so this is super new and exciting for all of us!  Hello world, life just got a whole lot busier!

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