Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sweet Summer Nights

Less than a week ago the weather here in Nebraska was starting to feel like Fall.  I found myself getting excited for football games, hooded sweatshirts and a big bowl of chili.  Well, all of those things are going to have to wait just a little bit longer!  Temperatures were back near 90 degrees today and the rest of the week looks just as warm.  No complaints here though.  Hot summer days translate into perfect summer nights...and tonight we took full advantage!

After dinner we stripped H down to his diaper and took him outside for his very first popsicle experience.  At first he was more interested in what the pups were doing...but once he got a good taste, he was all about the cold cherry goodness!  H is just like his dad...biting off big chunks of popsicle all at once.
Once we were all good and sticky, we hosed off the patio and filled up the water table for a little "pre-bath" bath!  H loves splashing in the water and dumping bucketsful overboard.
We wrapped up the evening with a little stroll through the grass and a few rounds of fetch with Maybe.  This kiddo NEVER gets tired of throwing the ball!
Before we know it, cooler weather will be here to stay.  We'll welcome the change with open arms, but until then, you can find us in the backyard enjoying what's left of our sweet, sweet summer nights. 

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