Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Harry's World

After finishing up a full year of "birthday" posts on the 26th of each month, I thought that I would try to stretch things out a little further to give my updates a little more substance.  Well, here I am, two months and 16 days later....seriously missing my monthly posts!  I was going to wait a few more weeks until the 26th, but there are just too many things going on in Mr. Harrison's world to hold off any longer.

So let's get to it little boy!  Here's are some bits and pieces of what you're up to at fourteen and one-half months!

You, sweet Harrison, are a total ham.  It takes you a little bit to warm up to a new crowd, but once you do....holy cow.  You play peek-a-boo behind the ottoman, show off your killer dance moves, spin around on the floor, belly flop onto pillows, tell stories in a language all your own...the list goes on and on.  You are such a happy little boy, full of grins and giggles!
Your first steps may have resembled a drunken stumble, but it didn't take long for you gain confidence on your feet.  It's almost hard to remember a time when you weren't walking all over the place!  In true Harrison form you are busy, busy, busy and move with impressive speed.  Your favorite is running away from daddy when he sneaks up on you, repeating "I'm gonna get you, I'm gonna get you."  It usually ends with tickles that fill our house with laughter.  

You're 100% boy and have the bumps and bruises to prove it.  Just when one forehead goose-egg is starting to heal, you go and bonk your head again.  Right now you have a pretty killer yellow/green camoflage bruise!   

Mr. Bruiser snapping a "selfie"
Your mama comes from a long line of chatter-boxes, so it's no surprise that you are quite vocal as well.  There's a lot of jibberish to be heard in our house, but from time to time you do throw some English into the mix!  So far we've heard dada, daddy, mama, mommy, puppy, ba (ball), nana (banana), up, hi, hat, boo (moo), baa, PopPop, and various car/truck sounds!  The first thing out of your mouth every single morning is "whassat?" as you point at something in your room.  From there, we continue to answer that curious question approximately 1,000 more times throughout the day.  I was peeling a banana for your breakfast the other day when you pointed and said "whassat?"  I turned the tables on you and replied "I don't know Harry, what do you think it is?"  Your response?  A bashful grin and a confident "nana!"  I love watching you learn!

Your fascination with balls (or anything else you can throw for that matter) continues. Your eyes light up when you see one.  We're slowly learning which things that are ok to throw (balls, rocks in the driveway, toys from the water table) and those that are best left alone (cell phones, remotes, food).  

Rock heaven 
You continue to eat like a horse and have very little patience when it comes to waiting for meals.  You like most everything, though fruit is an obvious favorite. Other front runners include raisins, pasta, green beans, peas, ice cream and anything off of mom and dad's plates.  You're still fitting into a size 4 diaper and wear a size 18 month in most of your clothes.

No kidding...he walked over to me, stole my apple and walked away 

Other odds and ends...You've perfected the art of the tantrum, have your 4 front teeth, love to read books (especially if they are about animals or trucks), are great at entertaining yourself, love being around other kiddos, splash in the dog bowls (a total no no), refuse to stay sitting in the bathtub and can't decide if your a 1 or a 2 nap guy and haven't had a bottle in months!

Life at the Ritchie house is as busy as ever, and we're loving every minute of it!  You make our hearts smile, sweet Harrison, and we thank God for our time with you every single day.

Happy 14 months and 16 days :) 

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