Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Boy and His Bear

One of these bears is not like the other.
One is worn ragged.  Two are not.
One is stinky.  Two are not.
One has had the fuzzy coating on its nose sucked off.  Two have not.

I know that I've mentioned this sweet little Charley Bear here before.  We received our very first little bear as a gift from my cousin's family.  It sat on our dresser for awhile, and then I came home one December afternoon to see that Matt had transformed it into the most perfect Christmas tree topper.  One year later, my best friend (Harrison's "Aunt" Jessy) got one for him as a gift.  I knew immediately that that little bear was going to be a very special friend for Harrison...but I don't think I realized just how much so!

He carries her around in his mouth like a puppy.
Holds her hand in his sleep.
Keeps her close by his side where ever he goes.
We even found him hanging out in his future big boy room with her...feet crossed, chewing on her nose.
The more and more that he fell in love with his Charley Bear, the more I started to realize that back-ups were in order.  I purchased 2 "understudy" bears off of Amazon and was so excited to see his reaction to his new fluffy friend.  The scene that ensued was not what I had hoped for.  Yes, his eyes lit up when I pulled Charley Bear II.  Yes, he snatched her from my hands and pulled her nose to his face in true Harrison-Charley Bear fashion.  But that's where my brilliant plan fell apart.  He immediately detected the switch, pulled the imposter back to examine her, then chucked her to the floor of my in-laws car.  I was busted.  That night I put him into his with a new bear (he had fallen asleep in the car so I thought I was safe)....until I heard him start crying at midnight (totally not like him).  I stumbled into his room only to find him sitting up in his crib with tears running down his face and Charley Bear II thrown out onto the floor.  Busted again. 

Harrison has won the battle, but he has not won the war.  I caved and gave him back his stinky bear, but I'm continually making attempts to "break in" the newer version.  I've taken one to daycare.  I leave the old bear in his crib while the new one is strategically placed among his other toys.  I've even resorted to this....

Yup...a true desparation move!  

Yet the truth remains, as much as I would like to have a clean bear rotation, my heart is really just happy that he loves that bear like he does.  Stink and all, it melts my heart.  Charley Bear may be just a snuggly stuffed bear to our sweet Harrison, but to his daddy and I, she is so much more.  


  1. I swear those refrigerator letter magnets are what taught Miranda to read. We still have a big unopened box of Scholastic phonics learn-to-read materials. She just started reading one day and I credit those fridge magnets!