Thursday, October 24, 2013

Baby Ritchie #3 {24/25 weeks}

Six weeks ago they told us that our baby's tiny heart looked beautiful - that the ventricles looked perfect, the plumbing was all in the proper place, and the blood was pumping just as it should be.  Yet, despite all of these "assurances"....I still walked into today's fetal echo/ultrasound with a pit in my stomach.  I was the same way with Harrison.  I'll probably be the same way with any future Ritchie kiddos.  It's a fear that is engrained into me.

Today, at 25 weeks, Matt and I once again sat in a darkened ultrasound room as they examined every square inch of our sweet little boy.  The sonographer couldn't get over how cooperative this little guy was and commented about how easy he was making the scan.  There may have even been a few "amazings" dropped in the conversation.  Good job little guy!  When it was all said and done, we were once again told that everything was just as it should be.  His heart looks healthy, his weight is spot on and he's pretty darn cute to boot!

It's insane too me how much I already think that he looks like his big brother and sister!  
I can't stop staring.

I've raved about our doctors here before - Charlotte's cardiologist, Dr. Sami, her heart surgeon, Dr. Hammel - but I don't think that I've given an appropriate amount of credit to the man who has taken care of ME through all of the chaos.  If you are EVER in a situation where you need to be followed by a high-risk OB, please please please go visit Dr. Robert Bonebrake at Methodist Women's Hospital.  I love him.  Seriously.  100 gold stars.  This man has welcomed both of our children into the world (even though I wasn't high-risk with H) and is one of the most compassionate, comforting, down to Earth physicians I have ever met.  He's wiped away my tears on many occasions (today included) and never lets me walk out the door without a hug.  And while I love that I don't have to be followed by a high-risk OB again this time around, I love that we still get to see him on these big days!

So here we sit...25 weeks, 3 days pregnant.  I've been pretty quiet about this pregnancy here on the blog.  It might have something to do with the fact that we have a crazy, goofy little boy running all over the place these days!  I'm starting to see why my baby book was a little more bare bones than my sister's who came before me.  I promise, baby boy, it doesn't mean that I love you any less!  

Curious what else is happening on the baby front?

-I continue to feel FANTASTIC!  Yes, heartburn has started to rear its nasty head...but nothing near what I know is in store for me in the next few months!

-I can still fit into my favorite pair of non-maternity jeans....BUTTONED even!  Their days are limited, though.  Guaranteed.

-They told us today that this little peanut weighs about 1 pound 11 ounces.  That means I'll only gain about 6 more pounds during this pregnancy, right?!?!

-Our list of names is shrinking (in a good way!)  We always keep the final decision to ourselves until don't hold your breath for a big reveal!  

-My sweet tooth is out of control.  Period.

-A new baby started at Harrison's daycare this week, and rumor has it, we have a little big of jealousy to contend with!  Turns out H likes being the center of attention...go figure!

Sticking with tradition, I took my 24 week belly picture wearing the same shirt that I wore with Charlotte and Harrison.  What can I say...I'm a little bit weird like that!

Charlotte - 24 weeks
Harrison - 24 weeks
Ba-ba-ba-baby #3 - 24 weeks

The days weeks months seem to be flying by, and this little guy will be here before we know it.  We're so excited to meet you, baby boy!

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