Sunday, October 6, 2013

Everyday Moments

It seems like lately my posts have been about BIG news, Books for Charley updates, house pictures.  And while those are all important parts of our lives, I sometimes forget to document the little things....the simple, quiet (well...maybe not so quiet) moments spent at home as a family.  We know from our own heartbreaking experience that its often these little details that escape our memories first, and because of that, I want to do my best to capture our ordinary everyday lives.  Our baby boy is becoming less and less "baby" right before our eyes, and I know that someday we'll appreciate the details of these moments.

H is an excellent stacker...we'll work on color/size order another day!
The highchair has been moved to the basement and H officially transitioned into a booster seat.  He loves getting to sit with mommy and daddy at the "big kid" table, and as you can tell by his food-stuffed cheeks...he's still a fantastic eater!
Monthly chair pictures?  Forget about it.  This kid doesn't sit still long enough for little things like that! (He obviously doesn't have time to let me brush his hair either!)
Playing on the couch with daddy is his new favorite.  There is usually lots of hat stealing, tickling, belly flopping and laughter involved.
Husker football games really wear a guy out!  I laid H on the floor to change him into pjs, but before I got a chance, he rolled over and fell asleep!
One of my favorites.  H loves his cousins!
Someone took a tumble in the driveway the night before his 1 year 15 month pictures.  OUCH!
Looking tough with his headband...errr....sweatband...
Breakfast by flashlight.  We lost power around 11:30 pm as a big storm passed through, and didn't get it back until around 9:30 the following day.  (Yes, I realize that 10 hours without power is far from the end of the world...especially when you sleep through most of it!)  We made the most of our time in the dark with a gourmet banana and yogurt breakfast followed by lots of couch snuggles and stories.  

“Be present in all things and thankful for all things.”
― Maya Angelou


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