Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Halloween 2013 {Herbie Husker}

October came and went in the blink of an eye, and with it came a flurry of activity and excitement in the Ritchie home.  We kept busy with a rapidly growing baby boy (well...2 for that matter!), work schedules, a road trip to Indiana for our godson's baptism, late birthday celebrations, trick-or-treating, and capped it off with some exciting news!

Last week we wrapped up October, like most of you, with Halloween festivities.  When Halloween rolled around last year, Harrison was only 4 months old.  We dressed him up like an adorable little football, snapped some pictures, and then went into full "Ba-Humbug" mode (translation: turned our lights off to ward off trick-or-treaters).  This year, however, we had a crazy little 16 month old on our hands, and we were excited to start implementing some Halloween traditions.  We knew that H would love showing off in his costume...and show off he did!  Meet Nebraska's biggest little Husker fan....Harry "Herbie" Husker!  (the University of Nebraska mascot for those of you non-Nebraskans!)
He knew he was the center of attention and absolutely loved it!
I wasn't sure how the hat would go over, but he's a big fan!  
And of course Herbie needs an ear of corn (courtesy of the owners of the lot next door to ours...thanks whoever you are!)
One of the best parts of living back in Omaha is knowing that Harrison will grow up surrounded by his family.  This year (and hopefully years and years to come) we were able to spend Halloween night with Matt's sister and her family.  Harrison and Benson are only 9 months apart in age and I'm positive that they will be best buds growing up.  Here's to many more Halloween pictures of these two cuties together.
I mean really...Isn't Benson Knievel the cutest little daredevil you've ever seen!  AHHH I LOVE HIM!
Our best attempt at a family picture (with the hat).
This little boy doesn't have time for silly things like pictures with his mom and dad!
Last year our Halloween was all closed-doors, and this year it consisted of more photos than actual trick-or-treating, but we still had lots of fun!  Hard to believe that this time next year there will be THREE little boys to corral!  What do you think....the 3 stooges??

Curious about the "exciting news" I mentioned at the start of this post?  This lady landed herself a new job!  No more working every other weekend.  No more 11 hour days or getting home at 8:30 at night.  No more shuffling H from house to house when our schedules overlap (which happened way too often).  I'm beyond excited for what this means for our little family and can't wait to get started in a few weeks!  YAY!

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