Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Four, Four, Four

May 14, 2010.  I had every reason to be terrified.

First time mom-to-be.
A baby with a dropping heart rate.
A wild goose chase to find my husband.
A 3 hour drive to be closer to the hospital that would give our baby a chance at life.
News that I needed an urgent c-section.

All on top of a CHD diagnosis and the unknowns that come with it.

But then this happened....
And in that moment, nothing else really mattered.

Happy 4th birthday, Sweet Charlotte.  I wish more than anything that you were here with us today, celebrating your special day in the park with your brothers.  I'm sure that as a spunky 4 year old you would be bossing them around like all good big sisters do!  Instead, we'll be blowing out your candles on our own, blowing bubbles and sending you balloons to play with in Heaven.  I hope you like them!

I love you, baby girl.  Forever and Always.  Beyond words or explanation.


  1. I couldn't help but sob reading this. I am so sorry. I know you are celebrating her life today, but you also must be feeling tremendous pain and loss. The strength you show as your keep her memory alive is nothing short of amazing.

    Jordan McCabe