Thursday, May 22, 2014

Purple Eggs {May 2014}

Here we are, 22 days into May.
 Two "hard(er)" days behind us.
One of the hardest looming just over a week away.

We've made it through the past 22 days with relative grace.  Yes, there have been tears along the way and quiet moments moments of grief, but there have also been lots of smiles, conversations with our boys about their special angel in Heaven, and love....SO MUCH LOVE...coming our direction from all of you.  God continues to bless us with "purple eggs"...and they couldn't be coming at a better time.

The "purplest" of all purple eggs:  Mother's Day with my boys (all 3 of them!)
Hilarious day-to-day moments with Sir Harrison--
like finding a handful of rocks in his shoe!
Early morning giggles over breakfast.
Love for our little girl covering some very special rocks.
Our new Pygmy hippo.  He/She lives at the zoo, but a memorial made in Charlotte's name pretty much makes him ours, right?  Harrison loves to look at "ChaCha's hippoooo" and can't wait to go visit. 
First blooms on a very special tree.
 Moments that remind me of how blessed we are to be back in Omaha closer to family.
These smiles - Enough said.
 A butterfly Barbie left behind by some of the sweetest girls I know.
 A surprise birthday breakfast, complete with coffee, "cake," and candles delivered to my work.
Our birthday tradition...cupcakes, candles and a little "Happy Birthday."
 Balloons sent to sweet Charlotte in Heaven (or to the moon if you ask Harrison).  
Not 20 minutes later she sent us the most amazing thank you.  
There is no doubt in my mind that Charlotte has had her hand in each and every one of these moments.  Whether through a look in her brother's eyes that reminds us of her, a perfectly timed "Charlotte song" on the radio, or the most perfect rainbow I've ever seen - she is with us.  Every day.  Every moment.  Always.

Thank you, God, for purple eggs.

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