Thursday, July 31, 2014


Stray Cat 101:  Never feed a cat that you have no intention/desire to keep.  Even if they are super cute.

If you do, said cat will start to follow you everywhere like the loyalist of pups.  Your 2 year old will take an immediate liking to it and melt your heart by saying things like "Niiiiice catty!" or "Da catty dwink da miwk!" You might even start calling it by a name, Pita for example.  
Then when it's time to part ways, your kiddo will look at you with sad eyes and ask "Where da catty go?" shrugging his shoulders in a questioning gesture.   It will almost make you want to keep the little thing.  Almost.  But not really.

{Lucky for us, that stray "catty" wasn't a stray after all.  It was just a curious little kitten that had wandered across the road.  She (and her "catty" friends) have come to visit us a few times.  They like to lounge on our front porch, peer in our sidelights, and generally do anything to drive our dogs crazy.} 

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