Friday, August 8, 2014

Maxwell Thane {6 Months}

I ended my last monthly Max post with a promise to be on time with my 6 month update.  Wouldn't you know,  it's the 7th of August, just sitting down to put together the latest and greatest on our littlest guy.  I'm refusing to take all of the blame on this one though - Sir Max himself was primarily responsible for the delays this time around!  

Monday July 28th:  Max hits the BIG 6 month mark.  I have Thursdays off so the plan was to snap a few chair photos on that day and to get an update on the blog before the end of the week.  That counts as "on time" in my book!

Tuesday July 29th:  Ahhh...the ever dreaded call from daycare.  "Max woke up with a fever.  We need you to come pick him up."  Boooooo fevers.

Wednesday July 30th:  The fevers continue.  And now we've got a rash.  A big rash.  We're talking a head-to-toe-every-nook-and-cranny-take-me-to-the-doctor kind of rash.  Poor babe.

Thursday:  No fevers.  Rash all over.

Friday:  I didn't lay eyes on it myself, but rumor has it that the rash remains.  Daddy's running the show now while I fly to NYC for some much needed "Mommy Time" and a big wedding celebration for my bestest lady friend, Jessy.   

I'm happy to say that by Monday there were only a few little "spots" left on our little lepper...and now here we are, finally back to another day off, ready to post about month #6.  A week and a half isn't so late, is it?!?


You are the sweetest, most laid back little dude and we are absolutely loving life with you in it!  You've rounded our family out in the very best of ways, and after 6 quick months I can hardly remember what our lives were like before you came along.  Here's a sampling of what you've been up to this past 5 1/2 weeks!

{Mr. Grins} Your smiles....sigh....they are the best.  And lucky for us, you are pretty generous with them, smiling whenever you see a familiar face!  You used to save the best ones for your mama, so it made your daddy's day when you decided to share them with him too!

{Thunder Thighs}  When I took you to the pediatrician to get your rash looked at, I saw the number 18 flash before my eyes on the scale.  18 POUNDS at 6 months!?!  That's more than your sister at a year AND your brother at 9 months.  I shouldn't be surprised--eating is quite possibly your favorite thing to do!  You fit best in size 9 month clothing (though you've been wearing some 12 month onesies) and graduated to a size 3 diaper.  

{ZZzzzZZZzz}  For the most part, sleep is going really well.  You back-tracked a little when you were sick, but things seem to be heading in the right direction.  You sleep from about 7PM to 6AM, have a bottle, then go back to sleep for another hour while Mommy gets ready for work.  

{Upright}  You are still a little unreliable in the upright position, but are so so so close to becoming a master sitter.  They told me at daycare that you do an impressive "tripod,"  Balancing with 2 legs and your big ol' gut!  Nice.

{All Wet}  You drool all of the time.  ALL. OF. THE. TIME.  I'd like to blame it on teething, but there's not a bump to be seen on those gums of yours.

{Brotherly Love}  Last month your brother started paying more attention to you, but this month the tables have turned and its been YOU keeping close tabs on him!  You love to watch him run around like a crazy person, and always reward him with big smiles and giggles.  A quote from Harry "I WUV my Maxo!"  

{Lazy Bones}  Really kiddo.  Just roll over already.  

{A Little More}  When you're not too busy sucking on your fingers, you like to scratch your sheets as you fall asleep.  You're a little chatterbox and have even started throwing in a big ol' screech from time to time.  You are figuring out "independence" and like to either help mommy hold your bottle or do it all on your own.  You are oh so in love with those little footies of yours...that might be part of our whole sitting issue!  Every time we sit you up, you fold yourself in half to get those adorable piggies into your mouth.  Last but not least...sigh...there's more than a little "ginger" starting to show up in that crazy hair of yours.  We notice it the most when we are outside or when you are sitting with your Aunt "Aggie."  

Maxwell Thane {6 months}
 This kiddo is all smiles and drool marks!
 "Can we be done now?"
"No really.  I'm done."
 "Okay, just ONE more smile!"
 Happy baby on a rug.

Happy 1/2 birthday Mr. Max!  Mommy, Daddy and Big brother H hope that you've been having as much fun as we have.  

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