Saturday, August 30, 2014

Maxwell Thane {7 months}

This past Thursday the littlest member of the Ritchie family hit the big 7 month mark.  Maxo is growing like a weed and is changing Every. Single. Day.  Sigh.  My sad mama heart is doing all that it can to soak up all of these last "baby" moments as I know it won't be long before he's running around like a crazy person with his big brother.

{Mr. Personality}  I spent a lot of time thinking about how I would classify your developing personality, and it didn't take long before I realized that you are a true 50/50 mix of your big brother and sister.  You are calm and content like your sister - quick with a smile, yet the master of the serious face.  You are curious of your surroundings and more than happy to just sit back and observe.  That "chill" baby side is balanced out with a little bit of big brother - goofy giggles and an already obvious sense of humor.  A boy thru and thru, with a whole lot of sweetness mixed in.

{Hungry Hungry Hippo}  Holy moly do you like to eat (as evidenced in his thighs pictured below.)  Bottles, baby food, puffs, name it!  I've thrown all caution to the wind with baby #3 and you basically eat whatever.  Introducing single foods, one at a time??  Heck no.  Give this kiddo some mixed veggies and pureed mac and cheese.  
{Mover and Shaker}  Ok, so "mover" might be a stretch!  You're still a bit of a bump on a log, but there's been a lot more action in your activity lately.  You pivot yourself around on the floor more and try to scoot toward things that are just out of reach.  You're rolling and plopping over onto your belly from a sitting position.  It's not always graceful, but it's a step in the right direction.

{Chompers}  Still no teeth in sight.  I'm not surprised.  Your sissy just had one little corner poking thru when she earned her wings and H didn't get his first until 8-9 months.  In due time.  Drool, on the other hand, continues to be at a peak.  

{Brotherly Love}  We're starting to see more of a love/hate relationship develop between you and your big brother.  One minute H is doing his best stand-up routine in an effort to make you laugh, and before you know it he's swatting you away saying "No, NO, Maxo!" Case in point, the picture below.  He was all excited to come with with you in the red chair, then you reached for his coveted cars and the world as we know it came crashing down.  I foresee a lot of ups and downs in our future!
{In Other News} You continue to sleep like a rockstar.  I will never, ever, take the sleep habits of my boys for granted!  You love to swim in the bathtub!  We've officially ditched the baby seat and let you lay flat in the water - not quite ready for sitting on slippery surfaces yet!  You kick, splash and chew on any bath toy that you can get your little mitts on.  We're starting to hear more "babble" out of you lately...and of course it all started with that dang "dadada" sound.  Us mom's always get the short end of that stick!

Maxwell Thane {7 months}

 The ol' stink face.

Maxo, Maxo, make our lives complete.  
Happy 7 months baby boy!

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  1. I can't believe how big he's getting! Time is just flying!! :)