Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Every year on this day, August 13th, my mind wanders to the same place.  Another year without him.  Another slew of milestones that he hasn't been here to help us celebrate.  Learning to drive.  Graduating from high school and from pharmacy school 6 years later.  A move, a proposal, a marriage to a man who is like him in so many ways.  His baby girl having a baby girl...and having to say goodbye to her, much like he had to do to his so many years earlier.  The arrival of 2 little boys, Harrison and Max, who I know would be the center of his universe.

It's been 19 years since he left us.  Nineteen years of milestones.  Nineteen years of wishing he were here to cheer me on, to hug me one more time, to meet my husband, to snuggle with his grandkids.

Nineteen years.

I know you've been watching all these years.
I know you've never left my side.

I love you, Dad, and there isn't a day you don't cross my mind.   

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