Thursday, November 6, 2014

Maxwell Thane {9 Months}

Low and behold - Today is November 6th.  That means I'm 9 days overdue on a certain little boy's "month-a-versary" post.  Lateness on my part seems to be the trend when it comes to poor Maxo and his milestone posts.  Whether a result of sickness, crazy schedules, forgetfulness, or in this month's case, a tropical vacation (whoop! whoop!), I just always seem to be operating a few steps behind.  No less love...just a little crazier life these days!

So here we are, 9 months and 9 days into our time with sweet Maxo.  He's growing like a week, learning new things every day, and constantly reminding us of just how quickly babies can turn into big boys.

Here's the latest and greatest on our little guy...

{A Mellow Fellow} We hear it over and over again "He's such a good baby!" "Such a happy little boy!" "What a sweet, sweet boy!"  You're winning the world over with your big gummy grin, sparkling round eyes, and contagious giggle.  Melt. My. Heart.  You've earned yourself the name "Maxo Relaxo" on account of your super chill personality.

{Here. There. Everywhere.} You, Sir Maxo, are a very busy little boy.  Gone are the days where we could safely sneak out of the room for a minute with confidence that we would find you in the same place we left you.  You are constantly on the go and keeping us ALL on our toes (especially big brother Harrison as he tries to keep his toys safe out of reach.)  You have started to do a little more hands and knees crawling, but when speed is of the essence, you quickly resort to your perfected army crawl.

{On Your Feet}  Two days after mommy and daddy boarded a plane for a weeks vacation, you decided to start pulling up independently and standing by furniture.  Talk about making mommy homesick!  I was so sad that I missed this big milestone, but I think that you made Grandma Debbie pretty happy by doing it on her watch.  She sent us a picture and it made our day to see that PROUD look on your face knowing that you'd done something pretty awesome!

{Chomp Chomp Chomp} This month we started to add a little more "substance" into your previously pureed diet.  You are a big fan of bananas, sweet potatoes, corn, and of course, Grandma Debbie's banana bread!  I'm ready to say BYE BYE to baby food and think that you're on board with that plan too.

{Chubba-Wubba} With all of that eating, its no wonder that you are tipping the scales!  We don't have official numbers this month, but judging by your thigh and ankle rolls, you won't be starving anytime soon! We're officially transitioning into a size 4 diaper and are almost exclusively in size 12 month clothes.

{Odds and Ends} You're following in your sister's footsteps when it comes to teeth.  At one year sweet Charlotte had the tiniest speck of white poking thru her gums.  Nine plus months in with you and there's still not a speck of chomper in sight.  You got your first haircut - which consisted of mommy snipping of a few rogue hairs off the top of your head.  I'm sure took some pictures...but once again I'm late!  You had your first taste of dirt/rocks/mulch.....sigh.  Like I said...hear, there, everywhere.  You've fallen in love with your gray blanket and bury your face into it the second that we lay you in your crib.  You like to crawl under the table and try to eat our toes while we eat dinner.  Goof.  You love to watch the rest of us clap, but haven't quite mastered the action yourself.  Right now its more of a flailing chicken wing...but oh so cute.   Much like your brother, you think that your daddy is hilarious.  Its only a matter of time before you forget all about your cool mommy and give all of your attention to him.

Maxwell Thane {9 months}

 He let me snap 2 good pictures before launching into explorer mode. 
Busy. Busy. Busy.

 Because the best way to an elephant is ALWAYS to launch ones self over the arm of a chair. 

Happy {Late} Birthday, little man.  Our hearts are exploding with love.

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