Thursday, August 20, 2015

Brothers {2015}

My oh my - these 2 boys stir up all sorts of feelings in this mama's heart.  Less than 18 months separate our two little yahoos, and while that means that there is always plenty of chaos in our home, it also means that there is something pretty amazing building between them. 

Max absolutely adores his big brother - mimicking everything he does (both naughty and nice!) and pushing his own limits in order to keep up. Its quite obvious that when he looks at Harrison he sees a hero, a best friend.

Harrison does his best (which sometimes isn't saying much!) to play nice with his little tag-a-long. He knows just how to make him laugh whether he's sad or just feeling a little goofy and he tell me "Mama, I love Maxo" on a daily basis.

Together they are crazy. Together they are sweet.
Together they fill our home with so much amazing. 

Here's to brothers. 
To the love and the hugs. The fights and the tears. The giggles and outside voices.
Best friends in the making.  My heart is full.

(And now I have to go cry a little. Like I said, they stir up all sorts of feelings!)

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