Friday, July 31, 2015

Maxwell Thane {18 Months}

Earlier this week we found out that our not-so-little little boy Maxo is slated to officially move up to the toddler room at school in mid-August. I knew that we were getting close, but having an actual date was a bit of a blow. My poor mama's heart struggles with the realization that no matter how hard I try to keep him little...our sweet Maxo is becoming a big boy. Last summer we were celebrating milestones like sitting upright and consistently sleeping thru the night. This year we have an independent 18 month old who is bound and determined to keep up with his big brother.

Mr. Maxwell, you are our heart and our soul.
Here are a few of our favorite pieces of you at 18 months.

Its been amazing to watch your personality develop into something so all your own. When Harrison was your age he was all about dirt and trucks. You, on the other hand, prefer things like animals, puzzles and quietly flipping through your Brown Bear, Brown Bear book. You are both serious and silly, sensitive and strong-willed, adventurous and a shy-guy. It really is the perfect combination.

There's a whole lot of goofy wrapped into that personality of yours as well, and there's not much better than the sound of your sweet giggles and big belly laughs filling our home. The best ones always come courtesy of big brother - he's teaching you everything you need to know about being silly. You dance the minute you hear music, run the minute you sense a diaper change, and will repeat any activity that you know produces a laugh from your audience.

Your face lights up when you see your Dad.  My mama heart loves watching the 2 of you together - singing "Row Row Row Your Boat" together at the dinner table, chasing each other around the kitchen island, or even just snuggled up on the couch reading your favorite books over and over.  I'm not quite sure how I got so lucky, but I'm thankful for it every day.

While you love love love your daddy, you are most definitely a mama's boy. You say "mama" approximately 1,000 times a day, and I'm more than happy to reply every single time. I'm clinging to these special days with you and pray that I never take our snuggles, your slobbery kisses, or the way you try to eat my nose when I sing you the "Apple" song at night for granted. So much love.

Every morning when I come to get you out of your crib you look at me with a big smile and ask "Hawwy?" You idolize your big brother and are constantly trying to keep up with him whether is something little like brushing your teeth or a big effort to climb into the car all by yourself. I knew that with only 17 months separating you that you would eventually be best friends - but what I didn't know was how insanely AWESOME it would be to watch your relationship grow.

You have a heart of gold and a soul that is oh so sweet. Its not unusual to to see you give a kiss to a tree in our yard or to a puzzle piece after you've helped find it's home. You give the best "I'm sorry" hugs and are quick to say please and thank you. 

Just a few odds and ends - You giggle every time I put sunscreen on you. Every. Single. Time. You're discovering your voice and learning lots of new words. Just this morning you said something that I think was supposed to be watermelon. There were way too many syllables and w's involved, but it was just about the cutest thing ever. The minute you see a hose turn on you rush to put your face in the spray of water. You have a thing for "chews" (shoes) - probably because you know that shoes generally mean that you get to go outside! If if were up to you, you would kiss every puppy that crosses your path. Even strange puppies that we meet in the park. Eek! You're somewhat of a puzzle prodigy. Your are still pretty nap dependent, but don't sleep well anywhere other than in your crib. You still suck your middle fingers and snuggle up with your "nigh-nigh" the minute we put you down to sleep. 

Oh sweet Maxo, you melt us with sweetness and always keep us on our toes.  And while I would be content with you staying little, I can't wait for more big boy adventures with you.

Happy (belated) half birthday, my love.

Photo cred to my new photographer crush, Ashley, of Ashley Crawford Photography.

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