Thursday, February 4, 2016

Snow Day

Nebraska saw its first major snow storm of the season earlier this week, and while Gretna had less accumulation than many parts of the state, the combination of snow and crazy wind kept us cooped up at home on Tuesday. While Matt was outside in the cold clearing the driveway, the boys and I decided to bring some snow inside where we could stay nice and warm.

 The wind died down after lunch and Matt decided to take the boys out for a little snow adventure.

I took an almost identical picture to this one last winter - except it was H in the little orange coat and Max was inside staying warm with his mama. I think he would have preferred to be doing this same this time around!
 The evolution of a snowman.

 Frosty and the boys!

We wrapped up the afternoon with a little hot cocoa, naps and movies on the couch.  
Snow day success! it spring yet???

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