Thursday, May 13, 2010

37 weeks

Well, the countdown has officially begun. At this time next week I will be setting up camp at my mom's house in Omaha. How long will I be there??? I haven't the slightest clue! It will be exactly two weeks before my official due date, June 2nd (though I still talk to her DAILY about trying to come over Memorial Day weekend so her daddy will already be in town!).

I'm still feeling pretty darn good for 37 weeks. Every time I go to the doctor I hear "You are just ALL baby!" Its true, if you feel my belly it is rock solid! I don't think that there is much more room for her in there. We are entertained nightly by a little hand/elbow trying to push its way through my side. I think that she's just as anxious to meet us as we are to meet her!


  1. I am so excited. I have never had to take a pregnant lady to the hospital before! I think I am just "a little" nervous. Please give me plenty of notice.

  2. Like I said....Hopefully she comes when Matt is there! But even if she decides to come when he's not, I'm sure that you will do just fine!