Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Preparing for another big day

Over the past 3 or 4 days, I have heard the word "amazing," more times than I think that I have in my entire life! Charlotte has been doing so well and is healing so quickly. People are just astonished by the strength and fight of such a tiny little lady.

During Charlotte's surgery last Friday, the surgeon and cardiologist saw some abnormalities with her left coronary artery (a bad thing) that they hadn't seen on her original cath images. There was question as to whether something had been missed, or if the abnormality was more circumstantial and a result of her being on the bypass machine for so long. Because of this abnormality, they decided hold off on a few parts of her surgery, giving her time to rest and recover. Originally the plan was to let Charlotte hang out for 3-4 weeks before going back in to repeat a heart cath and re-check the coronary artery. WELL, she did so well over the weekend that they really started to question what they had seen during surgery. So rather than 3-4 weeks of waiting, the repeated the cath yesterday (Tuesday). Low and behold, everything looked normal! Because of this, they feel comfortable taking little miss back into surgery to complete the things that they cut short last week.

Now, you may think that going back to the OR is a bad thing, but the procedure that they are doing is in attempt to eventually let Charlotte function with a "whole" heart, rather than needing to bypass the right side completely. Matt and I were thrilled to hear this as we had pretty much given up on the possibility after the whole Boston thing fell through. Whether it works or not, we'll have to wait and see, but we feel ultimately blessed that she has been given this opportunity. Again, its simply amazing.

Please keep us in your prayers tomorrow morning as Charlotte faces her second open heart surgery in less than 1 week. They are planning to take her to surgery around 8, and while I'm not sure how long the procedure will take, I know that it should be much shorter than the 8 hour day that we had last Friday. We feel so blessed to have the support of family and friends (and even friends of friends) during this time. I can't wait until Charlotte is old enough to really understand the amount of love that surrounds her.

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