Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Inch by Inch

Its been a good couple of days here in the NICU (other than the fact that Matt had to go back to work for a few days). I'm totally running on the concept of "no news is good news" and so far Miss Charley seems to be cooperating with me!

Tuesday was pretty uneventful. I was officially discharged from the hospital, so it was strange to go sleep 20 minutes away last night versus the 4 floors away that I had been sleeping! Charley has had wonderful nurses though, both day and night, and I always leave knowing that she's in wonderful hands and that I'm just a phone call away.

Wednesday, was a day full of ups and downs. We'll start with the ups because they are way more fun! CHARLOTTE GOT HER BREATHING TUBE TAKEN OUT! She's been breathing over the vent the past day or so, but they have been waiting to hear an official surgery day before taking it out. After all, why take it out tonight if they are just going to have to put it back tomorrow for the OR. Well we got the word that surgery won't be until Friday, so out it came! I wasn't about to watch them pull a tube out of my little girl's mouth, but from what they were saying, she was MAD and bright red! I can't imagine that it felt all that great during, but afterwards she was much happier. Immediately she opened her eyes and we got to stare at each other for a good 30+ minutes before she decided it was nap time. I totally believe that she has been holding her eyes closed since Saturday in protest of that stinkin' tube...the little stinker. Needless to say, she's a much happier little girl with much happier parents!

So that brings us to the downs....well....they aren't really DOWNS, just a healthy dose of reality. I met Dr. Hammel, the cardiothoracic surgeon, today and we decided to hold off on surgery until Friday. Matt is driving down this morning and we are going to sit down with the surgeon to talk about Charley's procedure, different options, get questions answered, etc. From there we'll just enjoy the day with our little girl. Knowing an actual date hit me pretty hard today. Its scary. No... its terrifying. It was hard enough watching her get wheeled off to the cath lab, and now we have to hand her over to have her teeny tiny little heart operated on. Talk about a pit in your stomach! But I also know that this is what has to happen and that she is in phenomenal hands. She is such a strong little girl and has gone through so much more in her 1 week of life than I have in my 28 years. All is for good though. We keep praying for a successful surgery and smooth recovery for her, the rest is out of our hands.

Please keep the prayers coming, especially tomorrow. We aren't sure of an exact time at this point, but its bound to be a long day of sitting and waiting.


  1. Kristen--I'll be thinking of you guys and praying hard tomorrow that all goes VERY well w/ your sweet little girl!

    -Jessica (Fitzpatrick) Anderson

  2. Wow Kristen~this is quite the story for such a little girl! We are thinking about you and sending lots of prayers!

    Erin (McDermott) Gaul & family

  3. We have all our prayers coming your way! We love you all so very much!