Wednesday, June 23, 2010

This week...

We've had a couple of exciting days here in Sioux Falls!

#1 Charlotte's "Aunt" Shannon and "Uncle" Brian came to visit! They had planned on visiting us in the hospital when they were in Omaha for the college world series, but lucky for us, we were discharged before that could happen! They came and spent the day on Tuesday and we were SO happy to see them!

#2 On Tuesday night we had a toga least Charlotte did! We can already tell she's going to be a trouble maker!

#3 Today we went and had a follow-up visit with the wound nurse at the hospital. We are proud to report that Charlotte's incision is 100% healed and dressing free!!! That means no more daily dressing changes (i.e. no more sticky tape to peel off of her precious little chest.) Now all thats left is the most beautiful little scar I have ever seen. She might not always think so, but we know just how special that little scar is. It reminds us every day just how lucky and blessed we have been and what a little miracle she is. Such a brave little girl!

#4 After our trip to the hospital today, we went and visited daddy at work! Charlotte was very excited and daddy was all smiles as he showed off his precious little lady. Every new person we meet continues to be amazed by her full head of hair! The picture below is a worn out Charlotte after a busy, busy day.

Matt has the next two days off of work so it will be nice to have a little family time and an extra pair of hands around the house! He is going back to Nebraska this weekend to play in a golf tournament and Grandma Debbie is going to come and visit. I haven't asked her yet, but I'm guessing that she doesn't do 3 AM feedings!

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  1. Love that bright green blankey next to her sweet little face. So happy all is well!