Monday, February 14, 2011


Its been awhile since I last posted. I would like to say that its been because I have been so incredibly busy with work, home, etc. but that would just be a bunch of lies. Truth be told, Matt and I are addicted to Sons of Anarchy. He watched the whole first season before I even started in, but now its a part of our nightly routine. Dinner, Charley's bedtime, Sons until bed. We are junkies and as a result, I'm a day late on this post.

First off...Happy Late Valentine's Day! It was just your average day here, that is, if you get 2 dozen roses sent to you at work on an average day! Matt broke the $10 Valentine limit that I had implemented and sent me flowers. He got a card. Maybe his excessiveness and my minimal-ness balanced each other out!?

More important in our household, Valentine's Day also marks Charlotte's 9 month birthday!

Miss Charlotte,

I absolutely cannot believe that it has already been nine months since you were born. It just doesn't seem possible. You have always been my little peanut, but I looked at you tonight, playing contently in your Jumperoo, and was caught off guard by how big you are getting. You are learning new things every day and really starting to figure out the world around you. I love watching you discover your surroundings--you are oh, so curious about everything! At the same time it makes me sad to realize how quickly you are going to grow up. Nine

This past month....

You decided that you were going to drink whole milk like a big girl. It wasn't Mommy's first choice, but I suppose its better than nothing. I can't say I blame you for not wanting your ICKY MSPI formula. It was so stinky!

In addition to milk, you continue to try new foods (and of course you like the more $$ organic stuff most). You are trying crazy things like purple carrots, spinach and mangos! You also had a special treat with your uncle Abe this weekend--AN OREO! Chocolate chip cookies and an Oreo? You must have one awesome mommy!

You have started to give kisses to Mommy and Daddy. Thats easily the best part of my day!

You are perfecting the art of standing. You don't get into that position yourself or balance on your own quite yet (even though you act like you don't want my help). Your little legs have gotten so strong! I'm pretty sure that you will skip the whole crawling thing and go straight to walking.

You attended your first big party! This past weekend we went to the Midwest Heart Connection CHD Awareness Banquet in Omaha. We spent the night with family, heart buddies and many of the doctors and nurses that take such wonderful care of you when you are in the hospital. Our favorite part of the night was seeing your buddy Talia! As you can see in the picture below, you took the night very seriously!

This might not sound like something to really celebrate, but today on your nine month birthday you wore a dress that was size 9 month. Then I put you to bed in size 9 month jammies. You've always been a size behind so I was pretty thrilled! I'm positive that you will be 16 pounds by the end of the week.

There is no denying it little girl, you are growing up right before our eyes.

Mommy and Daddy love you to pieces!


  1. What great pictures! Time does fly and she has come such a long way ♥

  2. LOVE the one with her standing! She is such a sweetheart...just like her dress!

  3. WOW I can't believe she's standing!! :-O Where does the time go? Anthony isnt even crawling yet, I just cant imagine him standing in just a cpl of months time! She looks so good Kristen :o) You guys have done and awesome job, and she must have super powers..Just cant believe how well she is doing :o). Makes me feel a whole lot better about the coming weeks. xo Lynne