Sunday, February 27, 2011

Quick and To the Point

One week ago we were eating strawberries. This week we are hanging out at the hospital recovering from a nasty little virus called RSV. BOOOOOOO.

We took Charlotte to the ER on Wednesday night as she was not looking so hot and her sats had dropped into the low 60s. YiKEs! We've been there ever since getting steroids, oxygen, fluids and breathing treatments.

Charlotte is doing much better. Yesterday she was talking up a storm and was even "friendly" with the nurses (i.e. didn't scream every time they walked in the room!)

Hoping to be out tomorrow but it all just depends on how much oxygen she requires. RSV is nasty, but for a heart kiddo it can be a complete nightmare. If I hadn't been in panic mode I would have taken a picture of her on Wednesday night so that you could see what a little blueberry baby truly looks like.

More updates later but I'm just getting ready to head to the hospital to relieve Matt.


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  1. Hope you get to go home very soon and that Charlotte continues to get over the RSV! :(