Monday, March 14, 2011

Double Digits

TEN MONTHS??? You've got to be kidding me! It feels like just yesterday I was snapping pictures of a 9 month old on Valentine's day. I just cannot believe how quickly time is passing, and as the weather starts to warm up, I'm sure that it will continue to fly by.

Baby girl,

Happy 10 month birthday! Last year at this time we were just starting to put your nursery together...its crazy to think back how far we have come.

Its been a busy month and you continue to soak in the world around you, learning more and more every day. Daddy and I are realizing just how smart you are (not that we ever doubted it!)

This month....

-was full of the sickies--RSV and a tummy bug--but it started healthy and ended healthy so thats all that we can ask! I'm hoping that we're in the clear for the rest of winter and that warmer, virus free days are in our future.

-You are still working on standing. Its not your favorite, but its getting easier with practice ...and mean old Mom makes you practice A LOT!

-You are still toothless, but that doesn't stop you from trying new foods. You gobble up shredded cheese and go to town on graham crackers. Yum Yum!

-We convinced you that Pediasure was better for you than whole milk. Not only does it taste like yummy vanilla, but it has WAY more calories and vitamins. Your weight took a hit this month since its hard to eat when you are sick, but we're making up for lost time now! Mommy wants to eat you up with your sweet vanilla breath!

-You started to smack your lips...such a goofball! It is SOOOO cute (especially when you realize that you are being silly.)

-You kiss everything. Mommy, Daddy, Maybe the beagle, toys, Mommy's hands...quite the lover!

-You laugh all of the time! Its a silly laugh and reminds us of a combination of a monkey and a dolphin. I love my crazy "dolphkey" baby! When you're not busy laughing, you say "dadadada." While I agree that he's pretty cool, I don't think that it would hurt to throw a "mamama" in from time to time!

Your personality is now in full force and your smile is infectious. I'm grinning ear to ear just thinking about it!

We love you Bear!
~Mommy and Daddy (Maybe and Stella, too)

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  1. Can't wait to see her again. Keep her happy for the upcoming visit!!