Thursday, May 26, 2011


Well, well, well...

After spending the last 9 months almost POSITIVE that little Charley was teething, we woke up today to find the teeniest, tiniest little white speck poking through her bumpy little gums. Trust me, its not noticeable unless you are playing Sherlock Holmes or own a magnifying glass....but it is there...I promise. WOOHOO!!! At the rate she's going, it will probably be all the way through by the time she heads off to kindergarten! I was starting to think that we were going to need PopPop to set her up with some dentures!

Speaking of her little mouth, I am proud to say that this Mama has not stressed about Charley's eating for almost a whole week now. A week might not sound like much, but trust is. Want to know WHY I have relaxed????


You heard me right...TABLE FOOD!

She had gotten to the point where she acted like baby food was poison, but would gag and puke every time we tried "food food." Then last weekend something clicked. I was literally in tears as she sat in her high chair eating mac and cheese, green beans and watermelon. She even ate part of a grilled cheese sandwich yesterday at daycare and pieces of a taco burger today! WOOHOO LITTLE GIRL!!! Wait wait wait....thats not all....she is drinking from a sippy cup like a pro. Ok, so she will only do it laying down (you should see her try it sitting up. HILARIOUS.)

Eating has always been a struggle with Miss Charley, but it appears that we have finally made it.

Sigh....we've made it.

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  1. Ms. Miranda did EVERYTHING at 13 months. Got her first tooth, took her first step, uttered her first word, what am I forgetting? I mean EVERYTHING.