Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Our Two Month Old...

So I am a few days late, but I'm finally getting around to Harrison's big TWO MONTH birthday post!   Time is FLYING by and our handsome little man is growing and changing every day.  I toured a hospital yesterday during an interview and we walked past the nursery on the post-partum unit.  My eyes immediately caught sight of a tiny newborn with a head FULL of dark hair.  H has changed so much that it's almost hard to believe that just two months ago that was our tiny little baby!  
We have spent the past month soaking in all things Harrison and are loving every minute of him (even the minutes that wake me up at 3 AM).  Here are a few things that he has been up to since our last "birthday" post!

-As you'll see in the pictures below, Harrison is a very happy little guy!  We absolutely melt when he flashes us one of his gummy grins and they seem to come more frequently with each passing day.  He's sure to be a heartbreaker!

-This boy loves to eat and has even started to get some chunky monkey rolls on his thighs.  I LOVE IT!  Tomorrow is his 2 month well visit and I'm excited to see how much he weighs.  

-If you lay Harrison on the floor with with a blank wall to his right and 1 million brightly colored toys to his left....he will stare at the blank wall.  This kiddo definitely has some side preference going on and the flat spot on his head to prove it!  Its a good thing he has lots of hair to cover it up!  We're working really hard at directing him to the other side but he's just a tiny bit stubborn.

-He's quite the little chatter box and loves telling his mommy and daddy stories!  I love the sound of his little coos and screeches.

-Much to my dismay, we're still working on the whole sleeping thru the night thing.  Now I'll give the little guy credit...he's all about business when he does wake up (eat, burp, back to sleep).  He will randomly pull out long stretches of sleep to get my hopes up, but then is right back to the every 3-4 hour schedule.  ZZZzzZZzZZZZ....oops, sorry...I just fell asleep there for a second!

-Last month baths = they aren't so bad! 
-Harrison is one STRONG baby!  I thought that the whole rolling over at 2 weeks thing was a fluke, but I guess I thought wrong.  I'm surprised that we can keep him on his tummy for longer than 10 seconds at a time!  He actually likes being on his belly (a HUGE change from his sister) and is mastering the art of the push-up.  He also likes to lay on our glider ottoman and jump against my legs.  He'll be a pro by the time he's big enough for the jumperoo!

-We introduced our little guy to lots of new friends this month.  We were fortunate enough to spend the afternoon with my old roommate Shannon, her husband Brian and their son Jacob.  I hadn't seen Jacob since he was 6 weeks old and today he turns ONE!  I'm sure that then Harrison is a little older those boys will find all sorts of trouble to get into!  We also had some friends come visit us all the way from Indiana.  Our old neighbors "The Lemons" came and stayed with us for a few days last week.  They were very excited to finally meet "Baby Harry."  They have an almost 3 year old and a 7 month old, so our house was a very busy place! 
This month we say GOOD-BYE to our deconstructed chair, and HELLO to our new GO BIG RED chair!  I foresee lots of Husker football games being watched from this chair and from the look on his face you can see how much he loves it.  Thanks NamNam and PopPop!


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