Wednesday, September 26, 2012

1, 2, 3 Months!

September 26...I'm not quite sure how we got here so quickly.  It seems like summer passed in the blink of an eye and now here we are with a THREE month old!  Mr. Harrison has grown and changed so much in the past month.  It was pretty crazy, almost like he went to bed one night as our little tiny baby and woke up with personality, a voice and some big baby leg chub!  

Here are some highlights from the past month:

This Mama is THRILLED to report that on 9/8/2012 H.P. Ritchie slept for 8 hours straight.  The very next night he slept for 10 hours, followed by 12 the next!  I haven't mentioned it sooner because I didn't want to jinx things, but after three weeks I'm pretty comfortable calling Harrison a master sleeper.  There have been a couple nights where he has gotten up at 4 AM for a quick bottle, but for the most part we don't hear from him from around 7:30 PM until the same time the next morning!  Now if only we could get this whole napping thing figured out...

Harrison was officially banned from swaddling about 3 weeks ago when I found him in his crib wearing a blanket like a scarf.  He's a little Houdini and managed to wiggle himself free no matter how tightly I would wrap him.  Very naughty, little boy!  Only three months old and already giving his Mama panic attacks.
The beginning of Fall means that there is a whole lot of football being watched in our house and Harrison got to see his first Husker and Packer football games (both wins!). It may look like he's sleeping through the Green Bay game, but I think he was just "visualizing" a win!  He told me the other day that he doesn't really care about which team long as his Mama wins her family fantasy football league.  I swear.  He really told me that.
Speaking of Fall...we've welcomed it with open arms!  Cooler temperatures mean more opportunities for evening walks (which H LOVES), playing fetch with our crazy puppies and lots of extra snuggles to keep warm when we have the windows open.  It might just be our favorite time of the year!

Holy cow is our little boy getting strong!  At his two month appointment with the pediatrician actually suggested that we try putting him in the Bumbo...just another way to keep him off of his flat head!  I thought he still seemed too little, but we gave it a shot anyway.  He's not 100% impressed with it and usually only lasts a few minutes, but he's getting better at it each time we try.  When did my baby boy get so big?!  (Yes, I know there was a Bumbo recall and that he should have a safety strap...I just haven't done it yet.  He was never out of arms reach while taking this picture and I'm always right beside him while he's in it.)
Harrison eats like a piggy champ and he's got the thighs and cheeks to prove it!  He's still in a size 1 diaper (though not for much longer) and is already fitting into some 6 month onesies!  What a change from his petite big sister.  Nickname for this month?  Chubs.  

Mr. Man has found his hands and is fascinated with them!  Just the other day I came into the living room and he was just laying on the floor staring at a hand with a puzzled look on his face!  Very curious.  I think that this discovery has played a huge role in helping him sleep through the night.  He always has one little fist tucked up by his mouth and sometimes I can hear him slurping away on the monitor.  Yay for self-soothing!

Overall, Harrison is a VERY happy baby.  As I sit here typing this I can hear him happily talking away in his crib in the next room (he's supposed to be napping).  He always has a grin on his face and rarely cries unless he's hungry or overly tired (again, he's supposed to be napping).  We would love him even if he was a colicky monster...but definitely feel blessed that he's such a content little guy!

Poor little Harrison has been subjected to LOTS of picture taking over the past 2 days.  Yesterday we had his professional pictures taken (can't wait to share!) and today I put him through 2 more rounds!  Here are a few from both!

We tried and tried to sit on the right side of the chair, but he just kept falling over!
Much happier on the left side
Drool monster!  And as you can see...his hair is crazy as ever.

 All smiles after a bath.

We love you So So So So much Harrison.  
You amaze us, entertain us and remind us of how blessed we are every single day.  


  1. Whatever you do stick adamantly to those sleep hours. It's the one thing that I'm SO glad we did and never waivered. Ms. M. still sleeps 8 p.m. to 7 a.m. B^) BTW, she mentioned again today how she can't wait to play with H.!

  2. He is so so so so SO stinkin adorable. And he sleeps all night?!?! Unbelievable! You go Mr. Harrison. :)