Saturday, September 8, 2012

Game Day

Last weekend Harrison enjoyed his first of many Cornhusker football games.

Daddy got him dressed before he headed out to do a little tailgating.  I wasn't at all surprised to come home from a coffee run only to find Harrison dressed like this...
About 20 minutes later Harrison realized how silly he looked and spit up all over the front of his holey Husker shirt.  Since Daddy was already gone, we decided to take things in a little "classier" direction.  
Since Matt was out tailgating and watching the big game with a friend, Harrison, Aunt Angie and I loaded into the car and headed to Omaha to watch the game with my family.  Lets just say that Harrison missed most of the game because he was too busy soaking in all of the attention from his admirers!  

Aunt Jill, Owen and Jack
 They LOVE their little cousin!
 Hey everybody!  Look how STRONG I am!
 Checking out his Aunt Jill
Haha!  Check out that little pot belly!
 Harrison's BIGGEST admirer!
 Lukey and Harrison
 Lola checking out the baby
 Erin and Harrison

It was a fun day full of football, family and (too much) food.  I'm SO glad that we are close by and can make little day trips to enjoy these special moments.   

One Husker win in the books and hopefully another after today!  GO BIG RED!

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