Friday, September 7, 2012

An Okie Comes to Town

I have a list of about ten different posts that I want to do here on the blog...the list keeps on growing but I never seem to get them done.  While life isn't quite as insane as it was a few months back with the move and Harrison's arrival shortly after, there are still lots of things keeping us busy.   Today's post is one that I meant to do about 2 months ago.  As you can see, time has gotten away from me just a little bit!

One of the biggest pulls for us to move back to Nebraska was to be closer to family.  Both of our families live here and we desperately wanted for Harrison to grow up surrounded by grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.  Well...our mission was about 99% accomplished.

What's missing, you might ask?  

Aunt Angie!

My sister Angie and her hubby Doug are currently living in Oklahoma City.  Too far away for my liking.  Too far away for Harrison's liking as well.  Heck, its too far away for everyone's liking.  While we really wish that they were closer to us and could come over and play every day, we have had to settle with a random visit here and there.  Lucky for us Aunt Angie has had a few things going on this summer that have brought her our direction.  

Earlier this summer when Angie was back for her class reunion (we'll lie and say it was her 10 year).  Mr. Harrison was only 3 weeks old!
Last weekend Aunt Angie made a SURPRISE trip back to Nebraska!  We were lucky enough to get to spend a majority of the long holiday weekend hanging out with our favorite Okie!

We love you, Aunt Angie!  The Hotel de'Ritchie always has room for you whenever you feel like dropping by.  We can't wait until Uncle Doug and Miss Pepper can make the trip back as well.  See you in October!

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