Wednesday, December 5, 2012

FIVE months {10 days}

Wow.  I've never been this late on a month-a-versary post before!  I had really good intentions of getting this up a lot sooner (like 10 days ago sooner), but ran into a few blog issues that prevented me from posting any pictures.  What fun is a monthly post without pictures??!  Now that things seem to be up and running, here is my post from 11/26!

Holy moly....has it been 5 months already!?  It doesn't seem like that long ago that I was lecturing "Franklin" about "staying put" in my belly until after our big move, and here we are five months later.  Harrison's personality is shining through and he is proving, much like his sister, to be a VERY happy baby. 

So what has Mr. Man been up to lately?  Well, it seems that the theme of Month #5 has been new experiences, adventures and discoveries.

-You discovered your love for swimming (aka laying on the floor of the bathtub and flailing your arms and legs around like a mad man!)  Bath time has long been a favorite part of our nightly routine, but "swimming" has taken it to a whole new level.  Watch out Michael Phelps! 

-Our biggest adventure of the month was starting daycare.  After 4 1/2 months at home, mommy headed back to work and you headed out to meet some new friends.  You spend your days at an in-home daycare close to Grandma Debbie's house (and close to our future home).  Things are going great so far and I'm constantly told what a HAPPY baby we have.  Good job, buddy! 

-In my 3 month post I bragged about how well you was sleeping...the very next day you put me in my place and started waking up a few times a night.  That lasted for a month or so, but I'm happy to say that I think we're back on track.  You go to bed around 7:30 and we don't hear a peep from you until morning (ok, thats a lie...I DO hear happy chatter coming from your nursery around 4 AM, but you always talk yourself back to sleep!)  

-You have discovered an insane love for your hands.  If I were to post all of the pictures that I took this month, you would see that about 95% of them show you with your little fingers/whole fist jammed in your mouth.  Combine that with lots of drool and you've got a big wet mess!  

-You can ALMOST roll from your back to your belly.  If only that pesky arm didn't get in the way! 

-This month we officially started to experiment with solid food.  You weren't a big fan of cereal, but orange veggies seem to be a hit (especially his Aunt Kristen's sweet potatoes at Thanksgiving!)  Much to my dismay (and courtesy of his Uncle Jay) you even snuck a bite of vanilla ice cream.  Soooo cold, but soooooo sweet!

-You officially have thinning old man hair!  Daddy says that your head kept on growing, but your hair stayed the same.  HA!  We can see lots of new hair starting to come in, but for the time being you're rockin' some wisps.

Every day holds something new and exciting, baby boy!  You are growing and changing so fast, and while we love watching you figure this crazy world out, I wish that you would stay little just a tiny bit longer!  

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