Monday, December 10, 2012

The Start of Home Sweet Home

Matt and I got word a few weeks back that all of the building permits needed to begin construction on our new home had officially been issued and that they were FINALLY going to be able to start working!  I feel like we have been waiting for this for so long.  We've owned the land for over a year...but lots of pieces had to fall into place before we could start this whole process.  And as long as the waiting has felt, I know that from here on out time is going to fly. 

Last week they were able to excavate the portion of the lot that the house will sit on.  There actually used to be another house there, so "excavating" included clearing out 10 foot tall weeds that had taken over and re-shaping the existing hole to fit our plans.  I've been wanting to stop out and snap a few pictures, but I don't have time to go in the morning and it's already dark by the time I can get there after work. I worked a few hours on Sunday afternoon and decided that while I was in Omaha I would brave the COLD and head out to the "farm" to check on the progress...

Looks just like home, right?!

I'll never get sick of our view.  It's so wide open and...well...perfect.

Lots more pictures and updates to come!

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